Golf Journey to South Africa Begins December 9th!!!

The joke is that I can’t handle the ‘brutal’ Florida winters anymore and have to escape to the Southern Hemisphere. The upcoming Golf Journey to South Africa will be my third consecutive winter here, spring/summer there Golf Journey following Mexico/Central & South America in 2013/2014 and Australia & New Zealand in 2014/2015. These Golf Journeys are my version of Ben Hogan’s ‘Follow the Sun,’ except in addition to following the sun, the days are longer with late spring/early summer-like weather.

Golf Journeys start with gathering ideas and notes about where to travel to and who to meet. Here are the once accumulating for the ‘Golf Journey to South Africa.’ I acted on these tidbits of information, made an airline reservation and will be off to South Africa on December 9th.

That’s when the fun and the adventure starts… if you have any ideas, thoughts or contacts/connections in South Africa please contact me. All input is welcomed and is sure to make it an unbelievable and successful Golf Journey to South Africa!

My general schedule and travel plan and strategy is as follow:

One week, beginning December 11th, in the Johannesburg region.
One week, beginning December 21st, travelling down the coast to Cape Town via Durban, Port Elizabeth  and other stops along the way.
Two weeks, beginning December 28th, in the Cape Town region.
One week, beginning January 11th, traveling back inland to Johannesburg via Bloemfontein and other stops along the way.
The final week, beginning January 18th in the Johannesburg region.