People in Golf

Now in his sixth season "on tour" and traveling to a variety of golf resorts it was just a matter of time before Andy Reistetter started meeting and interviewing interesting people associated with the game of golf.  These inspiring experiences originally translated into two exclusive series.

The first entitles "Corporate Leadership Inspired by the Game of Golf" captures natural leadership styles that can be utilized in Corporate America to guarantee our future success in the world marketplace.

The second series called "Meet People the 'Write' Way" started with an interview with Annika Sorenstam early in 2011 at the PGA Show in Orlando.

A third series "addresses" something we all want to do and that is improve our golf game. Appropriately, at least for me it is called "Learn How to Golf the Write Way."

Surely there is more insightful inspiration to be capture in the days ahead wherever the game takes me.