Preview Event for Dancing With The Stars- June 16, 2017

CLICK here to watch our Augusta (David Loggins) Waltz Dance Routine with Golf Clubs!!!

4Was a night to remember at our Preview Event for Dancing With The Stars! Great turnout, solid first rendition of our golf-themed Augusta waltz routine! Encore was even better! Gotta love our knickers, thank you Vecci Fashions! Overwhelmingly grateful for Carolyn Morriss, all who came out, & everyone who has so generously contributed to date in support of Beaches Fine Arts Series! Nice little celebration afterwards Pusser’s Bar and Grille, another sponsor! TROML Baby! Still time to purchase a seat for the September 16th competition (12 teams), buy corporate Gala Program advertising & VOTE for us at this link:   (Facebook Post with 29 Pics, Andy Reistetter, 6-16-17)


See below for picture gallery!


1Still in 7th Heaven a week later after our Augusta (David Loggins) Waltz complete with golf clubs! Gotta love those Vecci Knickers and that Maypole at the end! THANK YOU so very much to all who have contributed and voted for us in one way or another! Still lots of time to vote! We have gift certificates for your purchase at only one dollar above face value: $500 Couples Golf & Dinner at Sawgrass Country Club; $100 at Pusser’s Bar and Grille, and $25 at Table 1. Votes, Seats for the September 16th event in Jacksonville at WJCT Studio, Corporate advertising for the Gala Program all still available at the following link. Onward to the Mirrored Ball Trophy… come join us!   (Facebook Post with 1 Video, Andy Reistetter, 6/23/17)