2018 US Open: Did Phil Mickelson Cheat or just Use the Rules of Golf to His Advantage?

Photo Credit: Google Photos.

Photo Credit: Google Photos.

2018 US Open:   Did Phil Mickelson Cheat or just Use the Rules of Golf to His Advantage?

Interesting dialogue during “TV Golf Watching with Andy’s Golf & Travel Diary” during the third round concerning the antics of Phil Mickelson on the 15th green. Did he deserve the ‘10’ recorded on the scorecard or disqualification?

Here are is the dialogue and many interesting points of view:

I don’t think Tiger, Jack, Arnold, or ANYONE has ever intentionally hit a moving golf ball like Phil just did! New era for the game!

A very bizarre moment. It’s like he has a mini meltdown.

If Bones was on the bag, Phil’s 81 would have been a 75!

Had intent, think that is cheating!!!

It was definitely intentional: 1.) he ran to the ball as it was moving; 2.) he admitted in interview it was intention

_FB Cover 640 x 360 GolfwatchingHe knew what he was doing. 2 instead of 4 more. Smart man.

So what. He (intentionally or unintentionally) broke the rules and took a penalty. That’s the game.

Cheating implies the intent to not get caught. There was no chance of that happening.

Twitter is really laying into him. Things happen we’re human. I don’t think it was intentional like some are making it to be.

He admitted it was intentional….said he didn’t want to go “back and forth”…..Heck yes it was intentional

Not a bad move if you are trying to keep your score within reason. Better the known than the unknown.

Well that’s kind of sad

Definitely calculated, definitely intentional, definitely cheating… John Daly never had the intent, only to relieve the pain!

Photo Credit: Google Photos.

Photo Credit: Google Photos.

So much for trying to be understanding…It does appear the intent to cheat was in play

Ended up taking 5 to get down……missed the moving putt, missed the come-backer, tapped in, add 2….not sure how smart that was. I think he could have gotten down in less than 5 from where the moving ball eventually stopped.

Don’t think he was “intentionally cheating’ either. I think he blew a gasket and is now trying to justify taking 5 to get down form the first missed putt. I call this being a Doofus

I’m split on how I feel about what he did. I am not a Phil fan and no one is bigger than the organization but at the same time, most tournaments would have watered the greens last night and there is usually a little collar around them. An impossible golf course isn’t really fun to watch.

I would cover that bet a 100/1 that he could have gotten it down in less than 5 shots that he spent after hitting the moving ball. Be serious. He had a brain cramp and is now trying to act like he is smarter than everyone by saying the 2-shot penalty was the lessor of two evils. PM is a doofus and sanctimonious. He got caught speeding on this one. Golf course is fine.

Photo Credit: Google Photos.

Photo Credit: Google Photos.

Nothing wrong with the course other than the weather & fast fairways & greens. These guys bitch at courses they can’t shoot -10, instead of using their skill & patience. This is a course to test the professional golfer & show how he can adjust & calculate for the weather & course conditions. Not moan & complain like the typical public course hack

How is it “cheating”? Either his emotions took over and he blew up or he was continuously taking advantage of the rules. Cheating is breaking the rules with the intention of not getting caught.

I agree. Though this seemed pretty calculating on his part, he used the rules to save 5 or 6 strokes & stay in the tourney. Sometimes you can use the rules to your advantage but he took the proper strokes & penalty, so he didn’t cheat but it is hard to admit that. If he admits it, everyone will say he cheated, so he is going to take it as it lies.

Breaking the rules is breaking the rules; cheating is when you break the rules knowing that it is to your advantage relative to the field. Something you would do alone and then rationalize and justify that it was the right thing to do! #DQPhilNOW #USOpen

Photo Credit: Google Docs.

Photo Credit: Google Docs.

What is the difference in breaking the rules and getting caught; and breaking the rules and not getting caught? Integrity…

Cheat—verb—act dishonestly or unfairly in order to gain an advantage, especially in a game or examination.

2-shot penalty…no DQ – at this point…doubt they would GO BACK and DQ him at this point…

Twitter reports Phil’s response to people questioning what he did: “Toughen Up”.

Would not upset me if they DQ’d him, but I will take “they won’t”, you have “they will” …IMHO, I thought they had grounds once he admitted his intention to breach the rules.

“Taking advantage of the rules”…..it’s his birthday. We should just move on like he is!

Andy 2008 US Open Tiger Woods PuttI am not a lawyer but it seems to me that the rules make a provision for DQing a player with intent to have advantage when striking a moving ball.

Why not just put rocks on the greens. USGA needs to re-think this debacle. Phil took advantage of the rules. I believe he knows them better than the USGA. He took 2 strokes by rules. Better than 4 more he could have taken. USGA is becoming a joke.

It’s one thing to play it as it lies and utilize knowledge of the rules to your advantage and another thing to intentionally use the rules to lower your score; that’s called cheating!

I don’t think he cheated. He was just pissed. Who cares? He hit a moving ball took two shots and moved on

Isn’t getting the ball in the hole in the fewest strokes possible “using the rules to lower your score”?

I don’t think we need to be discussing this right now… he’s nowhere near contention

I’m not a fan of Phil. I tell you he handled it well. He’s human and nobody knows the true level of his frustration.

His interview was awesome: I’ve wanted to do it many times and I finally did it.

Yeah but it was clearly premeditated… intent… motive was not honorable…. #DQPhilNOW

Those of us who never have known the pressure of these tournaments cannot say what we would do. He used a rule to his advantage. Not illegal! He didn’t cheat IMO. Cheating would be moving a ball to better a shot. Move on people! Phil is a great human being and player of the game

The way they set up US open courses is not as fan friendly, creates many opinions but not as fun to be live as Masters on Sunday with the traditional pins and the boys throwing darts.

AGN always plays tough Thur-Fri and then is set up for scoring for wknd. I think they have figured out how to MASTER the fan experience.

_Key Lime PieIf you’re knowingly going to break the rules Phil, next time just lay your bag down behind the hole. Just fixed your problem!

I think they will soften things up for tomorrow both in texture and areas they put the pins. There were 2-66’s shot out there today. At the Open the greens feed away from the hole, on tour they set the pins where the greens feed to the hole. Tomorrow you’ll see a different course than today!

He took the 2 stroke penalty and moved on. And it has happened just not reported or blatant like Phil. Everything today is caught on camera. I still love Phil.

I thought he threw in the towel.

I thought he demonstrated what the others were feeling.

I think Phil had intent to take advantage by swatting his ball backwards and should be DQ’d as called for in the rules of golf. He could have made a 10 or 12 or who knows what had he finished the hole properly as called for by the rules of golf; i.e. let a moving ball come to a stop and play it as it lies!

Rules 1He used rules to his advantage. It was an unfair pin… Golf is a game you play the game the best way you see fit.. It’s a game. You don’t have to like or agree with it… He took his penalty for his actions… He did not cheat … my opinion.

I don’t think that Phil will be teeing up at Shinnecock on Sunday…..USGA will reconsider after what he admitted in his interview

D Q Phil, huh

We will see. I love the comment, “He lost his mind”

Phil thinks he is summa cum laude…always has to be the smartest guy in the room when he talks. He could have declared the first putt that got away unplayable. Replayed from where he originally putted and probably saved 3 shots or more. Phil’s explanation about how smart he was in “using the rules” to his advantage was BS….his explanation has huge holes in it. Just saying.

Rules 2BS because he could have saved himself 2-3 shots if he knew the Rules as well as he says he does…I call BS on his explanation. Declare the first putt unplayable, putt from original spot……any player that really knows the rules would opt for that 100 times out of 101 rather than what he did.

You do know you may declare you ball “unplayable” anywhere, repeat, anywhere on the golf course…including on the putting green. Would that have not made a lot more sense than the debacle he created, he could have saved 2-3 shots….I don’t call that insane.

Oh this should be good… Mike Davis USGA CEO & John Bodenhamer governance guy … more wind than they thought… the greens just think… the hole location on 15… probably too tough this afternoon… Zinger the golf course got away from you…. is the governance guy his bodyguard or is he going to speak too? The wind (on Long Island mind you) caught you off guard. Yeah Buck asks the Phil question…. DQ him now? Rule 32-7…. BS he did not just stop the ball… what video did you review? Will be no DQ Rule 14-5… bunch of lawyers at the USGA! YES Shinnecock Hills is one of the great golf courses! #DQPhilNOW #USOpen

Rules 3Wind? Who thought there would any wind way out there on the end of Long Island? They have the golf course hooked up to life support now and just hope it can hang on until they get out of there tomorrow and leave Shinnecock to deal with the debacle.

Should be DQ’d on the spot! Total BS. If he has any integrity at all, he’ll WD. They all played the same course, but the later guys played a much tougher course. Yesterday, the early guys had it much tougher. DJ has played in brutal conditions 2 days in a row.

They have 10 years to get prepared for hosting a U.S. Open…they can study weather patterns, prevailing winds, rain averages, everything, everything they need to know about what may happened during the week the event is scheduled. and the USGA can screw it up in a New York heart beat….they need to clean house …..hire some professionals to set up and run the events.

I just hope the golf course gets through the night. It is on life support now.

2018 U.S. Open: “TV Golf Watching with Andy’s Golf & Travel Diary”


Round One- Thursday June 14th, 2008

_FB Cover 640 x 360 GolfwatchingNICE Opening FOX Sports!!!

DJ expected, Russell Henley unexpected… co leaders!

Golf course looks great! Nice job Muffy Jennings!

Tiger, TB, B start, 1-under next 8 holes!

Nice shot JT on 12 approach! Nice job FOX Golf with JT & DJ hole-outs!

Now that was a Tiger Royal Straight!

1 Hank HaneyNice feature with Curtis Strange chitchatting with Butch Harmon, 1971 BC Open champion & Tiger’s firsr coach. Hank Haney segment this weekend?

Butch says Tiger is ‘the best player to ever play the game… but Tiger says that it is Jack!

Tiger Woods Admits Jack Nicklaus Forever Better than Me

Ugh oh… Tiger 4 putts from 40 feet DB on 13…

Russell Henley now leading the US Open… but bunkers his approach to par-4 18th after DJ misses a gimmie and bogeys 14…


Nice 69 Henley, co-leader in clubhouse with Piercy & Poulter… nice interview with Shane Bacon but how about sharing the bacon and giving a plug for your caddie Todd Gjesvold’s effort?

Tiger Slam- all 4 Majors plus THE PLAYERS Championship  back in 2000 & 2001...   Photo Credit: FOX Sports

Tiger Slam- all 4 Majors plus THE PLAYERS Championship back in 2000 & 2001… Photo Credit: FOX Sports

Official bloodbath in Round 1 US U.S. Open! Top 10 OWGR are a combined 51 over par! Morning feature group of Rory/Spieth/Phil were a combined 25 over par! Nice work FOX Sports!

DJ posts a 1-under par 69 along with Henley, Piercy, and Poulter! JT 4-over 74 and Tiger 8-over 78 including a triple and two DBs… too bad not a Callaway type scoring event with holes 1, 13, & 14 deleted… better scoring than morning feature group… 76+ scoring average for the day… 20 amateurs in the field… best amateur Will Grimmer +2/15; in clubhouse Luis Gagne 73!

LOL Joe Buck, good sign off! Tiger Woods and they go off early tomorrow morning and you can check the USGA website for the time! I think DJ said it was 8:02 in his interview… confirmed it is 8:02!

TRUMP Gets Golf Deal Done Too while at Singapore Summit!

SINGAPORE — Seletar Country Club has selected Golfplan to direct a sweeping, $20 million renovation to begin this summer — no surprise, as few if any course architecture firms better understand the physical and market terrain here the highly regulated island nation.

A computer-generated rendering of the new island-fairway 4th hole at Seletar CC.

A computer-generated rendering of the new island-fairway 4th hole at Seletar CC.

Led by partners Kevin Ramsey and David Dale, Golfplan (www.golfplan.com) are the original designers at Singapore’s top track: The Serapong Course at Sentosa Golf Club. The firm has also led separate renovation efforts at the nation’s largest golf property, Singapore Island Country Club.

“It was a competitive design competition for the Seletar job — a dozen different firms put in for it,” Ramsey says. “I’m sure that we were chosen in part because we are so familiar with the unique parameters of course design work here. I can’t imagine anyone is more comfortable with the baroque government regulation process — we’ve been through it so many times.

“But ultimately, we got the job because our design solutions were the most artful and efficient. We can’t wait to get started.”

Golfplan's rendering of the new 7th hole at Seletar CC.

Golfplan’s rendering of the new 7th hole at Seletar CC.

Built in 1991, Seletar CC sits quite some distance from Singapore’s central business district, high in the island’s interior near Seletar Airport and directly beside the Seletar Reservoir. All golf courses in Singapore exist at the pleasure of the government, on leased property. In 2017, authorities announced that they would reclaim a 5-hectare strip of land along the reservoir to make way for new hiking and bike paths.

Reclamation of this 15-meter wide swath directly impacts six existing holes at Seletar CC. Moving and/or rerouting those six will, according to Ramsey, affect another five holes.

“It’s a domino effect,” the architect explains. “With safety setbacks, the six holes along the reservoir have been completely redesigned, which necessitated the rerouting and redesign of five additional holes. Making everything fit together — in an aesthetic sense, in the golfing sense, in the safety sense — required a great deal of ingenuity on our part. We still have fully 160 acres [64 hectares] at our disposal, but this will will be a brand new 18 and a vastly improved one when we’re finished.

“The original course is nearly 30 years old and has never undergone serious renovation. With 11 holes being totally reimagined and reconstructed, the club wisely saw the opportunity to sand-cap the entire course footprint, lay new irrigation, rebuild all the bunkers, and regrass with Zeon zoysia.”

Formed in 1972, Golfplan is the most international design group in all of golf, creating more than 217 original designs in 32 different countries (if renovation and master planning is considered, make that 85 countries). This sort of sustained, diverse productivity is one reason GolfInc magazine named Dale and Ramsey among the “Top 10 Most Powerful People in Asian Golf” for 2016.

As large urban centers like Singapore continue to expand and develop, often it is the golf course stock that is obliged to make way. This has always been the case in Singapore, where all the courses exist on government-owned land. It is also the case in Jakarta, where Ramsey recently finished remodeling the 4th, 5th and 6th holes at celebrated Cenkareng Golf Club — to accommodate expansion of the nearby airport.

“I give the Board at Seletar a lot of credit for seizing the moment here,” says Ramsey, who anticipates a grand reopening in the fall of 2019. “Something had to be done to address the land reclamation, but they’re doubling down on the opportunity — spending 20 million Sing dollars to create an entirely new course, one that will compete very well in this market going forward.”

Dale concurs: “We can agree Sentosa, which our firm designed in the 1980s, is clearly the no. 1 club on the island (Golf Digest recently ranked it #79 in the world). Singapore Island always has grand plans but nothing substantial ever seems to get done. And Tanah Merah’s new course — recently renovated to accommodate another airport expansion — has not been particularly well received. I think Seletar has a real chance here to use this make-over to acquire significant market share.”

Seletar has always been among the most difficult and unique course designs in all of Southeast Asia. The original designer, Chris Pittman (a Golfplan associate prior to starting his own firm in the late 1980s), outfitted the 18 here with a series of pot bunkers, many of truly devilish depth and dimension. The club wants these signature elements preserved, so Golfplan will rebuild them in what Ramsey calls “the Royal St. George” style, complete with flat sand bottoms and steep grass faces.

“The club is very much attached to this bunker style and the challenge it presents,” he says. “From an architectural standpoint, our goal is to open up the views into these bunkers — to show the golfer more sand — so they don’t look like a succession of big, bottomless pits. We’ve also designed the new ones with zero-minimum leading edges, meaning the steep faces remain but they are much easier to walk in and out of. This will improve aesthetics and maintainability, while preserving the challenge.”

The renovation includes three more major components: rebuilding all 18 greens (and regrassing them with paspalum or TifEagle); the regrading of several fairways, which up to now had been crowned and kicked many fine shots out of play; and the enlargement/deepening of each and every water hazard at Seletar.

Dale notes that all Singaporean golf courses are now required by law to be 100 percent water self-sufficient. Rainfall is more than plentiful here but there is a dry season, too. The Golfplan renovation plan calls for the de-silting and enlargement of all existing water features — to create the water-storage capacity Seletar needs and sustain turfgrass quality year around.

“I think the Seletar Reservoir sits at 101.5 meters above sea level, and all our lakes are situated above that — so there are no water table issues here, unlike many Sing clubs that sit at or near sea level,” Dale explains. “The clubhouse here sits up at 120, or 20 meters above the reservoir — so it has stunning views out over the course and reservoir below. With all the moving parts inherent to this renovation, we’ve worked very hard to preserve the site’s many mature trees. It’s such a gorgeous setting. Our whole approach was centered around preserving those vistas while enhancing the strategic challenge of play. Improved visibility is a big factor at Seletar.”

Editor’s Note

All above information (except headline) is ‘Real News’ prior to the Singapore Summit between United States of America President Donald J. Trump and Supreme Leader of North Korea Kim Jung Un. While currently the headline is ‘Fake News’ generated in my creative imagination I would not be surprised if President Trunp takes credit for the golf deal too!

Inaugural “TV Golf Watching with Andy’s Golf & Travel Diary” a Success!

_GolfwatchingThe inaugural “TV Golf Watching with Andy’s Golf & Travel Diary” was a success! Thank you to all who called in and contributed! Golf on TV is definitely more fun watching with friends no matter where they are around the world!

WOW, did Dustin Johnson make a statement today or what! Dunks one for eagle on the home hole and wins by 6 strokes! Congratulations! I have never been to the FedEx St. Jude Classic but did make it to Memphis, Graceland, Beale Street, & BB King’s way back in 2010! What a tour of Graceland! What a year 2010 was for Andy’s Golf & Travel Diary!

2010 Season: Memphis; Visiting Elvis at Graceland & Beale Street too!

To capture the fun, camaraderie, and entertaining inaugural “TV Golf Watching with Andy’s Golf & Travel Diary” here is the corresponding Facebook log:

FB Post 1Watching the FedEx St. Jude… join me via a free conference call. Let’s talk golf while enjoying the broadcast! Message me for the Dial In number & Access Code

Andy Reistetter Jason Salinas, thanks for your like! r u a golfer? Could use a Texan perspective!

Jason Salinas Used to be an avid golfer and now I just watch mostly.

Andy Reistetter Oops just lost somebody, please call back!

Kay DeMott Johnson still up

Andy Reistetter Great update Kay DeMott! Call in so we can enjoy more!

Andy Reistetter This is fun! For the record Pedro Luis Amengual-Gutierrez was the first to connect! Puerto Rico’s finest golf ambassador!

Andy Reistetter If Byron Bos Man were to call in we would have to start charging a fee! How about a freebie for 10 minutes of your time Bos Man?

Andy Reistetter Byron Bos did you get my text?

Dr. Cary Middlecopp Golf Doctor 1950Byron Bos Andy Reistetter yes I did. Tied up with some other stuff currently. You doing that for US OPEN? I’m in for that

Andy Reistetter Byron Bos YES, let’s do that!! LMK if you got text, current number?

Byron Bos I got the text yep

Andy Reistetter OMG, going ALL the way back to the California 4 some in the early 1980s! We thought Glenn was headed to the tour until that disastrous first hole at Industry Hills on the Eisenhower Course! LOL

California’s CordeValle, the Perfect Weekend Getaway

Andy Reistetter OMG No, Jim Butz passed on??? Say it aint so! Great guy.

Andy Reistetter Dottie Pepper looks great in that Katherine Deen Way attire! Katherine we are doing 30-second promo if you want to call in!

Andy Reistetter We took a poll… it’s okay if Cink comes back & beats DJ… we are all over that Turnberry thing!

Reminiscing about Tom Watson & the 2009 Turnberry Open…

Marlo_Thomas_-_1968Andy Reistetter Would love to see a feature on ‘That Girl!’ 80 years young!

Marlo Thomas on Wikipedia

Andy Reistetter DJ, 3-stroke lead with 3 holes to go! Betting DJ closes this one…

Andy Reistetter DJ was one shot off the lead in the final round of the 2011 British Open at Royal St. George’s when he blew a 2-iron out-of-bounds on a reachable par-5…. remember that???

Andy Reistetter Makes birdie… has come a long, long, long way in 7 years!!!


Andy Reistetter “A man that doesn’t look at another woman is pretty much a dead man.”- Lady on the call today… Okay, back to the golf! LOL! What fun!

_1 Andy w Al Geiberger 4-4-11Andy Reistetter Looks like I am dead either way! LOL

Andy Reistetter This is getting weird!!!

Andy Reistetter Al Geiberger, the original ‘Mr. 59. So how many have followed in his footprints on the PGA TOUR???

Andy Reistetter WOW, now that is a way to finish! DJ dunks one for eagle on the home hole! Understandably the winner graphic was a bit late! LOL

Andy Reistetter Love that Dash-Jason Day Father’s Day commercial!

Barbara Helfer Great way to spend the afternoon talking golf, friendship, and life with friends! Thanks for hosting the first golf call! Lisa it was great connecting with you!

160615-jason-dash-day-commercialAndy Reistetter Right on Barbara Helfer! Thank you for joining in on the fun time! You & Lisa Bennett-Fish carried the show! Dustin who? Hope that you can join in for next weekend’s US Open! ‘TV Golf Watching with Andy’s Golf & Travel Diary!’ I think we are on to something new & exciting!

Lisa Bennett-Fish I agree, it was a splendid spiritual pleasure watching St. Jude’s tournament and enjoying rich conversation! Barbra Helfer, it was a pleasure to meet you and once again as always…a blessed visit with you Mr. Andy Reistetter!…Thank you for the invite and look forward to some more SPLENDID telecasting!

That’s all folks!

Call-in next weekend for more ‘TV Golf Watching with Andy’s Golf & Travel Diary’ at Shinnecock Hills and the U.S. Open!





SHOT SCOPE Performance Tracker V2 Will Change My Game for the Better!!!


Packaging 2EDINBURGH, UNITED KINGDOM, June 5, 2018 – Shot Scope Technologies will offer its new V2 multi-function golf watch at a special 15% discount during U.S. Open Week (June 11-17). The V2 combines GPS distance and hazard capability with Shot Scope’s industry-leading automatic performance tracking.  The Father’s Day offer will be available at www.shotscope.com and at selected Dick’s Sporting Goods and Golf Galaxy stores.


The Shot Scope V2 uses the highest grade Smart GPS chip on the commercial market. Its automatic data collection provides extensive Tour-level performance analysis and offers free software updates. More than 37,000 courses worldwide can be accessed through the system.

“We are excited to offer a special price for the V2 to all Dads for Father’s Day,” said Gavin Dear, CCO of Shot Scope Technologies. “We want golfers to experience what is the best, most comprehensive, most accurate and easiest to use golf watch in the industry.”

Dashboard and MobileThe most recent addition to Shot Scope is a social media share function that is available on both IOS and Android apps. It enables the user to share their hole, round and performance data with friends via several channels, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Whatsapp. It keeps the conversation moving off the course regarding long drives, birdies and other highlights.

Golfers have long sought a device that combined GPS yardages and fully automatic performance tracking.  Shot Scope’s in-house engineers have developed a product that meets the needs of the modern golfer while retaining the company’s trademark automatic club recognition technology and detailed performance statistics. The latest update from Shot Scope enhances the on-course experience provided to users by showing front, middle and back distances to water/sand hazards.

V2 - with logoThe V2 has three modes to suit the golfer’s playing requirements: GPS; PRO; and GPS+TRACK. Each mode has been designed for ultimate flexibility. In both GPS and GPS+TRACK modes, the LCD screen displays distances to the front, middle and back of the green from the golfer’s real-time position using SMART GPS.

Performance Tracking is activated in both PRO and GPS+TRACK modes. The watch works in the background to collect over 100 Tour-level statistics, broken down into five areas: clubs, tee shots, approaches, short game and putting. Performance statistics of this caliber have previously only been available to Tour players. No manual input or phone use is required.


Shot Scope Technologies was founded in 2014 by CEO David Hunter. Hunter, a former electronics design engineer and secondary school teacher,invented the product in his house. Now a team of 17 based in Edinburgh, Shot Scope has released two products to the international golf market. The company has designed, engineered and manufactured the product in Scotland, bringing golf technology to The Home of Golf. The team also includes former Walker Cup player and ex-professional golfer, CCO Gavin Dear.


Memories of the 2018 PLAYERS Championship Won by Webb Simpson!

Photo Credit: Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

Photo Credit: Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

WOW. WOW, WOW, what a record-setting THE PLAYERS Championship! What a PLAYERS! Webb Simpson was one of six golfers to shoot an opening 6-under 66 on Thursday.

The 2012 U.S. Open Champion took control of the tournament with a course record tying 63 in Round Two that earned him a 5-stroke lead. But that 63 had a potential of being a 59 with a birdie-birdie finish. Instead Simpson dunked one on the iconic 17th and parred the home hole.

Webb increased his lead to 7-strokes with a Saturday 68 while Tiger Woods and Jordan Spieth shot 65 to move up the leaderboard to a T9 position after barely making the cut on the number at 1-under par 143.

83On Sunday Woods made it interesting with a charge that recorded six birdies in the first twelve holes to move within three strokes of Simpson and his lead. However, as in his Saturday 65, he finished over par for the final six holes; three strokes on Sunday, one stroke on Saturday.  Spieth never got it going and finished with a watery snowman eight on the home hole. Simpson played a steady round on Sunday trading off two bogeys with two birdies through fifteen holes. A birdie on No. 16 pretty much sealed the deal. Even after a second shot long into the water and ensuing double bogey on No. 18, Simpson posted a Sunday 73 and a 4-stroke victory over Xander Schauffele, Charl Schwartzel, and Jimmy Walker, all who shot Sunday 67s.


In the end it was Webb Simpson posting his 5th PGA TOUR victory, the first since the ‘Anchor ban’ went into effect. Congratulations to 2018 PLAYERS Champion Webb Simpson and caddie Paul Tesori!

Here are some of my Facebook posts for PLAYERS Week in Chronological order with a gallery of 130 pictures below:

It’s PLAYERS Time 2018!!! Enjoy!!! What day you coming out to TPC?

2The party, otherwise known as the 2018 THE PLAYERS Championship, has now begun! First AAGTD assignment? AAGTD? Andy’s Adult Golf & Travel Diary… one heck of an event at the ABC Fine Wine & Spirits! My things have changed since attending my first event back in 2018… new store, lots more vendors and participants, and the outside after event for craft beers, cigars, etc.! Good to see some old friends and some new ones too! See you out on the TPC Stadium Course! TROML Baby!   (Andy Reistetter; Facebook Post with 30 Pics; Wednesday, 5-9-18)

Rickie Even, Phil Even, & Tiger Plus 2 off 7 tee… (Round One, Thursday, 5-10-18)

LOL, followed Tiger & Phil for first 8 holes then cut over to see some actiin on 17 & missed Tiger’s eagle at No. 9. I thought it odd to see Phil hitting Tiger ‘stinger’ shots in front of Tiger. Not very well bt the way, failed to reach the fairway on No. 7 & bunkered left on No. 8. Tiger’s slinger: Phil’s sand slinger!   (Andy Reistetter, Facebook Post with 30 Pics; Thursday, 5-10-18)

64Round 2, off 18 tee (their 9th of the day): Tiger minus one, Phil plus lots, Rickie plus a few… projected cut 77 players at minus one… lots more golf to be played!

Webb Simpson 10- under par through 15 holes today, leading by 6 strokes… thought 2016 was a big scoring year with Jason Day shooting a course record 63 in Round 1 and Rory nearly going one lower in Round 2… c’mon 3-under on the final 3 holes and make that a course record extraoridnaire of 59! Amazing golf!

Another day of watching Tiger, Phil, & Rickie…cut came at minus one… only Tiger playing the weekend… another spectacular day on the Stadium Course at TPC Sawgrass! No 59 or even a course record 62 for Webb Simpson but a 5-stroke lead heading into the weekend!   (Andy Reistetter, Facebook Post with 30 Pics, Friday, 5-11-18)

Will the 2018 PLAYERS end like the 2016 PLAYERS? Webb Simpson (Jason Day) enters the weekend with a big 5-stroke (4-stroke) lead and shoots even par the final two rounds to WIN???

Andy Leopard Tie & ShoesShow time for AGTD on Saturday of the 2018 PLAYERS! Here is my patented way called ‘cascading spectatoring of golf tournaments.!’ Ride my bicycle over to TPC. See the 2:20 pm Chesson Hadley/Charles Howell III pairing tee off. Follow them the first three holes. Stay put atop the flag hillside and watch the 2:30 Patrick Cantlay/Danny Lee pairing play No. 3. Walk with them thru No. 5 green. Stay putt and watch the final 2:40 pm Webb Simpson/Charl Schwartzel pairing approach and walk with them thru the 8th green. Afterwards head over and walk through the 16/17 stadium area of the Stadium Course. Hop on the bike and make the toughest decision of the day. Where to watch the end on Round 3 on NBC? Bogey Grill, Pussers, or Nona Blue??? Oh yeah and say hello to folks I know and some that I do not yet know but know a couple of them will be lifelong friends. Take lots of pictures. Post a Saturday AGTD report! Sleep well and repeat on Sunday! Happy PLAYERS! TROML Baby!

Starting with Noren & JDay, one of these guys could definitely win, JDay having already done so in 2015…

92Definitely the post Players place to be! Nearly a brawl about the Big Screen…. 7 pm moment of clarity… stay on NBC Stanley Cup or switch to Live From The Players on Golf Channel? First time golfers ever dominated hockey players! TROML Baby!

Unbelievable Saturday at THE PLAYERS Championship! Spieth 65, Tiger 65, Webb Simpson 68 with a historic 7-stroke lead over Danny Lee, DJ, JDay, Dufner, Schaufelle, Schwartzel, Jimmy Walker… Spieth, & Tiger: yes, are 11 strokes back BUT only from Simpson… only 4 strokes back of 2nd place & only 8 golfers ahead of them. Play well Webb Simpson but do not look back or come back because the field will run you over! Gonna be a great Players Sunday. Happy Mother’s Day to all the Mommas out there!   (Andy Reistetter, Facebook Post with 30 Pics, Saturday, 5-12-18)

Thinking if Tiger can shoot 62 he may just win this golf tournament. So far so good, 6-under today in 12 holes…. T2 , five strokes back… from cut line to finish line hoisting the PLAYERS Trophy???

Beautiful & inspiring 34th Annual Non-Denominational Church Service on the back lawn of the Clubhouse at 7 am this morning! Hosted by Scott Adams of the NE Florida FCA and Damon Olinto the 2018 Tournament Chairman the service included the Chets Creek Nocatee Worship Team and a special solo by Lindsey Bryant from Crosswater Community Church.

3Ted Scott, Bubba Watson’s caddie shared his story which was very interesting. A collegiate golfer he became interested in Foosball. Ted’s mantra is to “find someone better than you and learn from them.” More than interested in Foosball, Scott became a world champion Foosball player! Having conquered Foosball he went back to golf and turned professional originally as a teaching professional. A sponsor found him and backed him for a while. Then the Web.com tour came through his hometown of Lafayette, Louisiana. Paul Azinger sought him out to learn how to play Foosball and somehow he connected with Bubba and two Masters victories and the rest is history. His conversion story was one of the quiet type. Not able to keep all the rules, he heard a sermon and set up a meeting with the priest a few days later. Once again he simply found someone better than himself and discovered that he is a servant at heart. Scott shared an interesting Bubba story from the week of his first Masters win. Surprisingly the most amazing shot Bubba hit that week, in Ted’s perspective, was not the hooked wedge out of the trees on the 10th hole in the playoff but a recovery shot off the pine straw on No. 10 on Friday.

17Lindsey’s solo echoed Adams’ introduction which set up Scott’s share which led to Pastor Chris Price from Chets Creek Nocatee’s sermon message based on the Bible and Philippians 4:6-7: “Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.” Additionally, Pastor Price spoke to the only God referenced hero in the Bible—Gideon who did great things through his obedience and trust in the Lord. We can find our own peace in Christ by ridding ourselves of pride and sin. Not an easy task but doable through Christ. A life of love, grace, and peace awaits us! Al-le-lu-ia!   (Andy Reistetter, Facebook Post with 19 Pics, Sunday 5-13-18)

3Enjoyable Sunday morning following Justin Rose and Tony Finau on the first nine holes. Rose started with a birdie on No. 1 but then 3-putted from 30 feet for a par-5 on the second hole, always a major MOJO buster. Finau birdied the 2nd and 3rd holes after bogeying No. 1 but then was even par for the next six holes. Rose bogeyed No. 8 and birdied No. 9 to turn at 1-under for the day. After that I left to go home and watch the rest of PLAYERS Sunday on TV. Of course Rose would go 5-under on the second nine to shoot a Sunday 66 and finish at T23 with only 17 golfers finishing ahead of him. PLAYERS Sunday was off to a good start after the 7am Church Service and a nice walk in the Stadium Park!   (Andy Reistetter, Facebook Post with 30 Pics, Sunday 5-13-18)


Laurel Island Links: Georgia/Florida I95 Golf at its Best!

Andy Reistetter is feeling fabulous at Laurel Island Links & Bogey’s Bar & Grille.

April 27th, 2018 · Kingsland, GA ·

Another great golfing experience in South Georgia! You were right Tony Jr. Vizzie! Laurel Island Links Golf Club is a fun, challenging, & spectacular Davis Love III design! Salt marsh views on the first nine, pine trees embraced by honeysuckle on the second nine. Never felt more genuinely welcomed at a golf course than by owner Ron Tyre with Brendan & Pat in the golf shop, and Patty & Brittany in Bogeys, both a golfers & family friendly restaurant. Beer-battered fish was very tasty! Within 3 miles of I-95 Georgia Exit 6. Great way to break up a trip north or south on I-95 or visit from Jacksonville or Savannah! Maybe I should write an I-95 golf column? What would it take to entice people to take Exit 6 and play & experience Laurel Island Links & Bogey’s Bar & Grille? Thanks Ron Tyre for hosting Andy’s Golf & Travel Diary! PS Ron Ruckdeschel another good golfing opportunity in Georgia!

Osprey Cove- A Residential Golfing Paradise in St. Marys, Georgia!

Found a little piece of Paradise just north of the FL/GA border at Osprey Cove in St. Marys! A Mark McCumber Signature golf course with the best of everything that I have ever seen in a Southeast coastal salt marsh golf course! Beautiful vistas, interesting, challenging, & fun routing; and a double 9th & 18th green! Osprey Cove looks like a great place to live too! Very warm & friendly people, a real peach of a place! Thanks Mike, Rob, Carolyn, & Mosaic Clubs & Resorts for hosting Andy’s Golf & Travel Diary! I will be back for sure!   (Facebook Post with 30 pics, Andy Reistetter, 3-12-18)


Innisbrook: Be Charmed Like I Was, Not Bitten, by the Snake Pit!!!

1WOW, what a visit to Innisbrook Golf Resort! It seems like everything had been redone and upgraded; the golf courses, the accommodations, and the restaurants and entertainment! Played all four courses; Copperhead, North and South, and the Island Club in three days. My only wish? That there was one more golf course to play as I did not want to leave! PS: More will be written about this experience… and I was actually charmed, not bitten, in the Snake Pit with a back nine 37!

Florida is flat….coming up US 19 North from Clearwater… there is a big dip that marks your entry into the beautiful rolling hills of Innisbrook, perfect topography for golf courses! Lawrence Packard designed four of them here! We played Copperhead, the host course for the Valspar Championship on the PGA Tour! Snake Pit? Not today! Snake my convoluted golf game… went 49-37! Beautiful accommodations, cuisine & live entertainment with Kerry Olivia and Peter Vann, the Backstreet Band… North & South tomorrow, then the Island Course Monday Morning before heading home to Ponte Vedra Beach… Grateful, life is good… TROML Baby! #Innisbrook #Copperhead #SnakePitSelfie   (Facebook Post with 30 Pics, Andy Reistetter, 1/27/18).

58Thirty-six holes on North & South today then CBS/GC’s Torrey Pines five-hole playoff… I am pooped! Storyline… picture of Osprey behind check-in desk at Osprey Clubhouse… Osprey nest up high behind North No. 2 green… driver, 3-wood, made four footer for eagle on North No. 10… I mean Osprey! Get it? Eagles are Ospreys at Innisbrook! Morning with Bruce, Dan, & John… Afternoon ‘two tie, all tie’ competition with Greg, Rick, & Tom! Who do you think won with nine skins on the back?Tain came late, last three holes! Hey who won at Torrey Pines? I fell asleep! Island in the morning at sunrise! TROML Baby! #Innisbrook #Copperhead #SnakePitSelfie   (Facebook Post with 28 Pics, Andy Reistetter, 1/28/18)

62Finished up the Innisbrook trip with a round on the Island Course with my GTWA buddies Tommy & Jamie! What a picturesque, challenging & fun golf course to play. The Innisbrook real estate around it is blooming! My only regret is that they don’t have a fifth golf course and that it is time to go home! Thank you Ramona Herald & all the folks at Innisbrook for an exceptional golfing experience & hosting Andy’s Golf & Travel Diary! I can see why Rory (McIlroy) is coming to play in the Valspar Championship! #Innisbrook #Copperhead #SnakePitSelfie   (Facebook Post with 30 Pics, Andy Reistetter, 1/29/

Children’s Book Series: Marvin The Golf Caddy by Harold R. Mann!

With author Harold R. Mann in the Marvin The Golf Caddy at the 2018 PGA Show.

With author Harold R. Mann in the Marvin The Golf Caddy at the 2018 PGA Show.

Marvin, an abandoned golden retriever was transformed into Marvin The Golf Caddy Dog back in 2003 but I did not meet his creator Harold R. Mann until the 2018 PGA Show. By then Marvin The Golf Caddy Dog had learned the ABC’s of Golf, had qualified for Junior Nationals (2014) and along with his new owner Ted was just about to meet Molly, the girl who just moved in next door!

Marvin The Golf Caddy Dog is a series of children’s books for all ages complete with two coloring books and an activity book. Plus there are now Marvin branded hats, polo shirts, towels, and even a Marvin head cover for your driver too. Now everyone can become part of Marvin’s family!

Marvin & Ted amidst all their animal friends on the golf course. Photo Credit: Mann USA, Inc.

Tom Kerr’s illustration of Marvin & Ted amidst all their animal friends on the golf course. Photo Credit: Mann USA, Inc.

Without giving away too much of the story lines Marvin wanders onto a golf course where he meets a young Ted and many wildlife characters—Henry the Hawk, Chi-Chi the Gecko Lizard (likely imported from Puerto Rico!), Rufus the Jackrabbit, Arnie the Deer, and Sally the Squirrel.

Marvin teaches us how to be grateful for our blessings in life and Harold the Author presents a beautiful friendship between a dog and a boy that evolves on a golf course!


Here is what we call the 'trophy shot' in the golf broadcasting... MArvin & Ted with their Junior Nationals trophy! Photo Credit: Mann USA, Inc.

Another Tom Kerr illustration: Here is what we call the ‘trophy shot’ in the golf broadcasting… Marvin & Ted with their Junior Nationals trophy! Photo Credit: Mann USA, Inc.

A bonus at the end of the inaugural 2003 book is ‘Basic Rules of Golf for Beginners.” There’s only thirteen of them, the same count as the original rules of golf written in 1744. These are better and include ones for the health, safety, & well-being of all golfers. Rule No. 1 is ‘Always use sunscreen before playing.’

The intriguing story is well enhanced by the colorful and descriptive illustrations of Tom Kerr.

I loved the part about Ted feeling a new spirit within while trying to qualify for the Junior Nationals. And oh yes, Ted is the golfer and Marvin the caddy. Hmmm and then along comes Molly… I wonder where she fits into the story!

Here comes Molly in Marvin The Golf Caddy Meets Molly! Photo Credit: Mann USA, Inc.

Here comes Molly in Marvin The Golf Caddy Meets Molly! Photo Credit: Mann USA, Inc.

Stories for a lifetime and for generations!

Now I know what present I will be getting my soon-to-be-born grandson! Golf and a way of life to pass along to the next generation!

Who knows? One day at Augusta National Golf Club we might hear: ‘Fore, now playing…’

For more information and to order items please go to the Marvin The Golf Caddy website!