Good Golf & Good Fun at Stillwater!

Bobby Weed, Hampton Golf, and Lennar; what a winning combination!

Stillwater Golf & Country Club, the Newest Active Adult Community in St. Johns County, Florida!

Let’s tee it up, keep the water still and make some birdie putts along the way on this the new Bobby Weed Signature Design!

I loved Stillwater from the moment she opened her gates to me. With the silhouette of a golfer prominently displayed on the right side column of the entrance and knowing the work of Mr. Weed this creation will no doubt be an ode to the history and traditions of the game. This is the first golf course to be built in St. Johns County in ten years!

That was what I wrote in a Facebook post back in February, 2022 after attending and participating in a pre-opening Media Day. A day so designed to give the world a taste of what was coming on the course and off the course at Stillwater. I liked what I saw and tasted! The first nine was basically done! How educational and fun it was to drive around with Bobby Weed and get the inside scoop of his innovative design!

Only one thing could keep me away from the Grand Opening in August and that was a road trip north to my hometown to start a new chapter in my life. But I was back by late November and first on my list, of course, was to tee it up at Stillwater which I did on December 1st!

Wow, Wow, Wow!!!

Bobby pointing out the subtleties of revetted bunker design as Garry Smits, longtime sports write for the Florida Times-Union captures the moment!

I remember how important it was for Mr. Weed to point out the use of recycled synthetic grass from athletic parks on the revetted bunkers. Quite natural looking for sure and good for our environment now and for future generations. I also remember how Bobby got down into the bunker green side on the par-3 second hole to point out that the wall of these bunkers slope away at the bottom so that golf balls will likely roll to a good lie albeit still in the bunker. Obviously a great benefit to the active and shall I say older, more mature, golfer like me at Stillwater!

I chuckled to myself while playing this Weed Masterpiece with no weeds in sight that he also sloped the fairway contours to these historic bunkers so that their engagement areas are in actuality much larger than the bunker itself. Also there is similar sloping towards the water hazards. A matter of appreciation in that it is there for all to see and quite fair and honorable. Thus play Stillwater with a historic appreciation to make your experience even more fun and enjoyable. One might not always get a member’s bounce but rest assured that nobody will be entrapped by any unfair design flaw at Stillwater!

Still I am quite sure that Mr. Weed smiles a bit just like Old Tom Morris did at the Old Course in St. Andrews back in the day when an unsuspecting golfer does not recognize the enormity of all that goes into the design of a great golf course!

Let’s tee it up, keep the water still, and make some birdie putts at Stillwater Golf & Country Club!

Take an aerial tour of the first six holes at Stillwater Golf & CC

No need to go to that other place, you know where, as Stillwater has Top Tracer in all its glory right there on the practice range adjacent to the first tee. Play your electronic games in reality as the trajectory and distance of every shot is measured. Practice made fun and even more fun with great food and a full-service bar. Upscale at every point of imagination is Stillwater and oh yes that humped practice putting green will give you a ‘Himalayas-like’ experience and well prepare your for your round!

Aerial by the AGTD Drone showing the TopTracer Driving Range to the right and the first fairway above.

In addition to the reuse of synthetic material for the nearly vertical faces of the bunkers, millions of gallons of water are being conserved through wise design choices such as specifying TifTuf bermuda grass fairways and incorporating non-irrigated areas. Aesthetically, the no-rough, all fairways cut with the contrasting centipede grass native areas looks very engaging and gives a framework to one’s impending golf shot, especially from the teeing grounds!

The crushed shell for cart paths take one back to the natural footpaths of St. Andrews where they say the game was first invented by sailors knocking around something round with a stick into rabbit holes on their way home from the docks to the village. Like the spongy grass lies in that part of the world, it seems most every lie at Stillwater is clean cut awaiting your swing and good contact of the golf club with the golf ball. Indeed the old is new and lovely to be enjoyed at Stillwater.

What an honor and privilege to spend a morning with Bobby Weed!

Another one of Weed’s modern design breakthroughs is the innovative routing at Stillwater. Sometimes we have time to play 18 holes, sometimes we do not! Tee off No. 1 and play 6, 15 or 18 holes. Or tee off No. 7 and play 9 holes through No. 15 or 12 holes through No.18. Or just tee off No. 16 and play the last 3 holes. Many options at Stillwater- play as you like—3,6,9,12,15, or 18 holes from and to the clubhouse area. With the permission of the starter, of course!

With a great golf course designed by Bobby Weed, expertly managed by Hampton Golf, and enveloped with spectacular homes built by Lennar. Stillwater Golf & Country Club is indeed a new playground that awaits her residents and those fortunate enough to visit as guests.

I want to be ‘bundled’ like the residents at Stillwater that have full access to the Golf Course and all the other amenities with the purchase of a new home. No additional cost. Bundle me please!

Right now, as of this posting in January, 2023, there is a special invitation to play Stillwater Golf & Country Club called “Be First to the Tee.” This great deal is only available for a limited time through Hampton Golf.

Play well and remember to let the waters remain still and make a few birdie putts along the way!