Florida’s Citrus Golf Trail; When You Go, Experience the Faded Bistro & Beer Garden!

1Florida’s Citrus Golf Trail; When You Go, Experience the Faded Bistro & Beer Garden!

If you are ever driving south of Orlando on Route 98 and are looking for a unique & entertaining restaurant for a good meal then the Faded Bistro & Beer Garden in Sebring, Florida is the place to go!

A great recommendation by Casey Wohl Hartt of Visit Sebring!


4WOW! Like eating in the Garden of Eden with all the bells, whistles, and flowers especially around Christmas time! Our table was naturally sequestered and secluded a midst all the greenery and shrubbery! I highly recommend the “Get Faded Margarita,” which is one of four signature cocktails! Three other adult beverages contain vodka, rum, and infused (moon) shine from the local Sugar Sand Distillery, a true farm-to-bottle operation! Check out the flowers in the attached pictures!

3This brainchild of Bob and Tiffany Cadzow was started in September 2017 and you will think it is many decades old! Had to be a nursery to begin with and certainly has grown and flourished with their vision and TLC!

“Caladium Capital of the World” is Sebring and you will find many, many varieties of the “Heart of Jesus” in the gardens of the Faded Bistro!

If I lived in the Triple Cities of Sebring, Lake Placid, and Avon Park this would definitely be my watering hole! All part of the Citrus Golf Trail, the Value Golf Capital of the World! Thanks for the great recommendation Casey Wohl Hartt!

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Faded Bistro & Beer Garden

(Andy Reistetter; Facebook Post with 29 Pics; 12-23-20)