2011 (January & February) Year in Review- 60 Pictures & 60 Memories!

2011 January & February in Review: 60 Pictures & 60 Memories!

The Mr. Hickory team... world renown hickory club restoration expert Harry Horton and former GCS Director and good friend Joe DeWulf... minus sons Joe & Tim and buddy SJ!

The Mr. Hickory team… world renown hickory club restoration expert Harry Horton and former GCS Director and good friend Joe DeWulf… minus sons Joe & Tim and buddy SJ!

The year 2011 started for me with fireworks in downtown Jacksonville, FL at The Landing…

The fireworks were spectacular…there is a spectacular year 2011 now in progress…

Putting the icing on the cake for my “adopted mom” and friend Sarita’s New Year’s Day birthday… how could you forget?

Too many cooks in the kitchen… and one has a knife! — with Susie O’Dell.

The L’Atrium gang gathered to wish Sarita a Happy Birthday!

The birthday gal with granddaughter Lauren helping to hold things UP!

I love volunteering at the World Golf Hall of Fame in St. Augustine, FL…. like Arnold Plamer says… if you love golf (or want to visit with Andy) you gotta go!!!

Why do I love it? Because of the people I meet like 96 (yes 96) years old Loyce from Jacksonville… still drives and mows her own yard!

Captions continued below the gallery...

Across the pond at The Old Course at St. Andrews, Scotland without leaving the Hall of Fame!

Oh well… some friends! … there’s always next year DUSTIN or CAROL my Hawaii buddies!!!

Now settling in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida… after 4-1/2 years of storage facilities I am once again launching my Mr. Hickory Golf business… 40 sets of authentic, professionally restored and playable hickory shafted clubs… for corporate or charity outings…

A hickory outing in Las Vegas at the 2006 Golf Collectors society national show…

The Mr. Hickory team… world renown hickory club restoration expert Harry Horton and former GCS Director and good friend Joe DeWulf… minus sons Joe & Tim and buddy SJ!

The Mr. Hickory Team including Mr. 59 himself Chip Beck at Shores Acres CC north of Chicago…

Here’s an oldie but goodie- that’s the Gregory with the King himself, Mr. Palmer!

Okay- my home away from home is the Clubhouse at TPC Sawgrass- home of THE PLAYERS in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida… standing in front of Tiger Woods “better than most” putt as tagged by Gary Koch to Johnny Miller on NBC Sports….

In the President’s Cup boardroom at TPC Sawgrass… it’s been a while!!!

Okay maybe this is my home away from home… my absolutely favorite bar for a number of reasons!

That’s my buddy bartender Mitch that got me into the club with the top of my very own Stein No. 67… (not the real number but close… kept confidential for a number of reasons…)

Ahhh… a picture of the full Stein No. 67 with my bew friend Bill a wine drinker!

Where I work out- yoga, weightlifting, spin class and swimming… though not all on the same day!

The beach!

After 3 years of walking the beach searching to find my first “shark’s tooth” I finally did it! also found an “olive shell” which I am told is quite rare for this area! Thank you to all my “shark’s tooth finding” coaches over the years!

Another fun day volunteering at the Hall of Fame- this time with Dan at the modern putting green… Dan was and is a pioneer First Tee volunteer almost from its inception in Nov. 1997… and will be 90 years old on September 27th

You meet all sorts of interesting people at the WGHOF… this is 14-year old Minsoo Kim from South Korea with his coach Nathan Kang from Orlando… its winter over there and Minsoo has been coming to Nathan’s golf school for a few months for the last 5 winters! His swing looked good in the simulator… maybe a future star of the game!

Spotted a red-tail hawk on the ground trying to dig something up or make a final kill… gosh nature is so amazingly beautiful!

That’s my real estate agent Sarita who made it happen as we closed on my condo!

Golfer Dude playing the Valley course at TPC Sawgrass

My old home away from home at Panera Bread!

Great golf course as challenging as the Stadium…

Hill of Flags at TPC Sawgrass

The 19th at TPC Sawgrass with Janice & Rob.

The Binghamton 4some in annual skins game before the PGA show in Orlando. — with Phil VanRiper, Jimmy Mauro and Stan Lisk.

Stan the Man, Binghamton’s Polish Pro as Jimmy Mauro affectionately calls him… celebrating our match skins win…

Great golf course—Jacksonville Beach Golf Course!

The only way to move your stuff economically!

Condo party- the yoga gals minus a couple… — with Paula Meyns, April Ann and Maureen L Kane.

The yoga gals and cousin Em

With representation from the TPC 19th and my neighbor at L’Atrium.

The boys!

Me and the girls at the party (not my idea).

Fun crowd!

Dancing, dancing, dancing!

Taking a comedy workshop… the club owner said it was okay to take the picture but just don’t tell them you are a comedian (yet)…

With Ileza Schlesinger the first female winner of the Last Comic Standing…

Outside the PGA Show in Orlando.

Was part of a small group interview with Annika…

Lou Gramm of Foreigner performed Friday night and took me back to those college days!

Received a free golf book from Dave Pelz… definitely will help my game!

With Katherine Roberts, President, Yoga For Golfers… — with Katherine Roberts.

Walking with Tom Watson at Turnberry… at the show and was really there at 2009 Open as well…

Relaxing after the show at the Peabody…

With nephew David and his son Xander…

The 18th at Pebble Beach… so very amazingly beautiful place!!!