2014 PGA Show- The Heartbeat of Golf and its Business

Andy Reistetter with the author of Rory's Club Claude Costecalde.

Andy Reistetter with the author of Rory’s Club Claude Costecalde.

Claude Costecalde has written the first definitive book on Rory McIlroy.  Rory’s foreward says it all- “From the moment I held my first clubs (18 months old), my parents (Rosie & Gerry) did everything they could to help me develop my talent. I couldn’t have done it without them. I learned golf with Dad at Holywood Golf Club.” This is a book that tells the story of how a young child discovers who he will be and works hard to realize his or her destiny. A great book for all young golfers. Claude’s book, written with the blessing of Rory, his parents and the Holywood Golf Club contains hitherto unpublished private family photographs of Rory. This is the insider’s story of how Rory came to be the No. 1 golfer in the world. His final words in the foreward are “but Holywood is still my home and Holywood Golf Club will always be Rory’s Club.” The foreward also contains Rory’s signature so if you want to join Rory’s Club this is the book for you!

John Karedes, Michael Schaffer and Dave Pessagno.

Andy Reistetter with John Karedes, Michael Schaffer and Dave Pessagno.

The best part of the PGA Show is seeing old friends whether running into them walking down the aisles, at the PGA of America Awards Show or at one of the many corporate functions during show week in Orlando. Always great to see guys from my hometown of Binghamton, which is really The Triple Cities on the Southern Tier of New York State- Binghamton, Johnson City and Endicott! John Karedes is the Tournament Chairman of the Dick’s Sporting Goods Open, a Champions Tour event at Endicott’s municipal golf course- En Joie Golf Club. Dave Pessagno is the Communications and Promotion Manager while Michael Schaffer is the Operations Manager. Saggy (Dave Pessagno) and I use to be the battery for the Binghamton Central High School Bulldogs baseball team. They use to call me “Rock Candy Andy” and all the girls use to call Saggy “Mr. Handsome.” I think we called him “Mr. Hustle” as he was a great athlete always diving for the ball! Come visit the Triple Cities and go to the 2014 Dick’s Sporting Goods Open!

Andy Reistetter with Golf's foremost fitness expert Katherine Roberts.

Andy Reistetter with Golf’s foremost fitness expert Katherine Roberts.

I think ever since I have been going to the PGA Show  Katherine Roberts has been on stage doing one of her “Yoga for Golfers” presentations. You have probably seen her on the Golf Channel or read her articles in Men’s Health magazine. If you haven’t and you are more than 18 years old (actually the younger the better I am sure to prevent problems later on) now is the time to get her book “Yoga for Golfers” or get to one of her classes and start! For me it is all about relaxation, flexibility (for golf and other physical activities) and longevity (don’t you want to play golf forever? Or just be here forever?). Katherine’s second book, Swing Flaws and Fitness Fixes, was co-authored with Top-100 Golf Instructor, Hank Haney. Check out her website by clicking here!

O Canada, what a night at the 2014 PGA Show!

O Canada, what a night at the 2014 PGA Show!

Oh what a night for Canada at the 2014 PGA Show. The inaugural Class of the PGA of Canada Hall of Fame. I went thinking there might be a hundred people that showed up and there were over 500 people. We hear a lot about new pathways to The Masters and the PGA TOUR from places like China and South America which is great for the game of golf. Sometimes we forget about the great history of golf to our north. I was reminded of this in Santiago, Chile on the “Journey to Olympic Golf” when I played golf at Los Leones with the gregarious golfing brothers Leon. No connection with the name of the club but both brothers are and will become even greater lions in the game. Hugo is headed to the Web.com this year, a Top 5 product of the Canadian Tour. Canada is golf and who does not know the name of Moe Norman and 8-time PGA TOUR winner and 2003 Masters Champion Mike Weir. Here are the 24 inaugural members of the PGA of Canada Hall of Fame- Al Balding; Dave Barr; David Black; Gordie Brydson; George Cumming; Pat Fletcher; Brent Franklin; Daniel Halldorson; Wilf Homenuik; Jules Huot; Karl Keffer; Ben Kern; George Knudson; Willie Lamb; Stan Leonard; Henry Martell; Jack McLaughlin; Albert Murray; Charles Murray; Jim Nelford; Moe Norman; Bob Panasik; Cathy Sherk; Murray Tucker; Mike Weir; and Richard Zokol. Congratulations! O Canada what a night and what a golfing history is she!

Looking forward to seeing a lot of folks at Nineteen at the Clubhouse at TPC Sawgrass later this afternoon! Started my PGA Show journal and while I live in Paradise I am finally going to Paradise Grooming for Men so Alena Gilley can give me a much needed haircut… Have a TROML day today! (-: ps Claude’s Rory’s Club is a great book! Also the Binghamton Boys, Katherine Roberts and O what a night for Canada!   (Andy Reistetter, Facebook Post 1-31-14 with one link).

Happy New Year! I am celebrating New Year Eve all over again American style starting tomorrow Friday afternoon at the Clubhouse at TPC Sawgrass’ Nineteen Happy Hour. Great opportunity to share “Journey to Olympic Golf” experiences, pictures, videos, etc… seems quite apropos to me since the odyssey started there on October 10th! Let me know if you can make it and maybe if there is enough response Bill Hughes will give us a room at 6:30 pm and I can hook up my pc to a large screen? Otherwise it will be me, myself and I in the foyer on those comfy couches thinking about the upcoming 2014 THE PLAYERS Championship… it would be grand if my favorite Storyteller Bea would make a cameo appearance! Hap, Hap, Happy New Year!!! (-: ps time to make this year’s donation to The First Tee… and sign up to volunteer for THE PLAYERS if you haven’t already!   (Andy Reistetter, Facebook Post 1-31-14 with one link).

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