2019 ECGJ: Playing C. V. State Park with the “Too-Young-To-Be-A-Legend” Joan E. Davis

22This is what I love about life and golf… first of all, playing the Chenango Valley State Park Golf Course… a labor of love built by the CCC during the Depression… try getting out of pine trees planted on 3-foot centers! Totally in tune with nature!

Secondly, playing golf with the ‘too-young-to-be-a-legend’ Joan E. Davis and a literal newcomer to the game, playing her very first round, my writer friend Carol! Joan is an expert instructor, especially likes working with women that are new to the game, in love and honor of her own hero, the gone-all-too-soon LPGA Teaching Professional Jorie Ftorek.

2 Truly amazing to watch the interaction of experienced and newcomer as the love, fun and physical nature of the game is being passed along. Good to see the game through the eyes of a first-timer! And yes, Carol did pick up Joan’s ball marker on the green thinking she found something valuable to be returned to its rightful owner! LOL!

So good to experience and play ‘State Park,’ a must every season and if you are lucky enough to play every week!

Love the socks Joan!

(Andy Reistetter; Facebook Post with 30 Pics; 8-9-19)