2019 Masters Thursday: Golf Ireland Party Hosted by Tourism Ireland!

Thursday of Masters Week is ‘Meet the Irish’ night at the historic Benjamin Hall House in Augusta! One of the best parties of the year hosted by Tourism Ireland! With so many friends in Ireland there will be a ‘Golf Journey to Ireland’ in the near future for Andy’s Golf & Travel Diary!   (Andy Reistetter; Facebook Post with 30 Pics; Thursday, 4/12/19)

Thanks for all the Facebook Comments—they are included below the Photo Gallery!

Suzanne McCourt Hey! How’s The Masters?!!

Lisa Bennett-Fish My father wanted to go to Ireland as we are Scot/Irish! Galway bay!

Genie Brady Ireland is beautiful! Went to Dublin in 2004. Would love to go back someday

Keith Chesk That ain’t rly!

Joanne Reistetter Ehrlich You will love Ireland. We are watching the Masters. What a beautiful course.