Night 20: An Amazing Night in George, By George…

_Andy St Francis LinksAndy: By George, anyone except Marie, want to know about a most remarkable last night on the Golf Journey to South Africa? (-:

Dean D F: We all want to go WITH YOU lol

Nigel W: PS. Might not want to mention the cricket to them wink emoticon

Jo M: Please. Xx

Jack C S: will the course you played be a tournament for PGA in 2016?

_Andy GorgeAndy: So, where were we? Oh yes, met Santa Claus at St. Francis Links… left there about 4 pm… headed to Knysna looking to sightsee some and find a room for the night…

Debra C: Of course we do !

Andy: Why thank you Debra… so thinking I had plenty of time to get to Knysna and find a room I stopped off at the most intriguing river gorge, walking across and back a bridge to see it… a bit scary but so would be…

Marie L C: Yikes! I am scared of heights! That is the only part of your trip that doesn’t make me jealous : )

_Andy Whale TailAndy: Soooo Marie, I was scared too! Then on the way to Knysna was Plettenberg Bay… So I stopped and had myself a whale of a time, at least the tail end… It was getting late, heard Plett was all booked up so off I went to Knysna… anybody else want to hear more about my night in George? (-:

Marie L C: I have a feeling this story might be a whale of a tale…. Please do tell… : )

Carrie H: Please

Cyndi L: Yes of course but crazy busy times at work please still try n phone Marie I can’t wait to get back there again

_Protea signAndy: Soooo Marie, Carrie & Cyndi (sounds like a band)… made it to Knysna… Protea wanted $US 200… arrive late, leave early, just looking for a bed & shower… limited budget… no tourism office… everything full (exactly like everybody told me…)… Priceline, airbnb no luck… on towards George where my day is tomorrow at Oubaai & Fancourt and it is more inland, less tourism… things not looking good… then…

Ellen J: Oh thank goodness! This is the incredible, smiling Andy Reistetter…who wouldn’t take you in? Happy New Year:-)

_MinglesEllen J: Well, I guess this is where the real life journey begins! It doesn’t look like you are suffering except you can’t underestimate the need for a shower and a clean bed:-) I reached out to a director friend of mine at the university..:she was in SA last year…don’t think it was a luxurious trip, but if she has suggestions, I will send them along…smile emoticon TROML baby!

Andy: Thanks Ellen, u r the best! Should be in pretty good shape for the rest of the ‘Golf Journey to South Africa!’ Happy New Year! (-

_MonticellosAndy: LOL Ellen… I met a lot of people that night who chose not too… (-: I clouding at a bar called Mingles..

Andy: & down the street at Monticello where a, good B&B lead fell through… Onward to George by George every bed on the Garden Route was full…

Marie L C: Awwww sorry about that “Oh Most Charming One”. That “Whale of a Tale” speaks about life being an unpredictable adventure..keeps us humble and living on the edge. TROML keeps you moving forward with a great attitude and since of humor! Love that about you!!!! Happy New Year. : )

Marie L C: Was there more to the story? Just making sure LOL

_Andy Shehzad WildernessAndy: Oh yes, there is more to the story… might be the best story of the ‘Golf & Faith Journey to South Africa’… soooo there I was in the Wilderness with no room in any hotel for me… saw a sign for the Wilderness Hotel (seriously)…. no rooms there either but Shehzad promised me if any of the other guests did not arrive by 10:30 pm I could have one of their rooms for free (for a story on AG&TD) … it was a glimmer of hope that I needed… it was 9:16 pm…. what should I do now?

Ellen J: Well, you are now a suspense writer…lol. You are smiling, that’s a good sign, but you smile in most situations, sooo…the innkeeper, not smiling as much as you…maybe not in as good sign…hmmm. Well my friend who went to SA last year, and seems to be familiar with the town you are in said to go to the elephant loft and have an early morning elephant ride. Now THAT is what everyone is waiting to see…smile emoticon

Ellen J: PS what did you do?? smile emoticon

_McDsAndy: Soooo Marie, up early or never to bed? Happy New Year to all! Soooo I continued on to George, another 20 km or so… thinking if I get the call from Shehzad that a room is available I can turn around and go back knowing I have a bed to sleep in… otherwise best to seek out a room in George where I will be close to Oubaai & Fancourt both I hoped to visit before heading to Cape Town… exited the highway at the Garden Route Mall… drove in through a partially opened gate… parked in the McDonald’s parking lot to pursue more airbnb, Priceline, other Internet options on my cell phone… after doing so with no hope of a room in George, I looked up and what did I see?

Marie L C: Well “Oh Most Charming Handsome One” since this is indeed a ” Whale of a Tale” there is no guessing here….At this point you have a smile on your face.. You are full of faith…and “walking it out” ….Please proceed..

_Town LodgeAndy: Ah Marie in Florida, ur words r too kind… Ellen, aka Marie in Boston, u never answered my question? And there she was right across the parking lot, through the trees, the Town Lodge… could it be my bed for the night? Or will Shehzad be calling me soon at 10:30 pm to say my bed awaits me in the wilderness? Or will it be Door No. 3 for me tonight? What is Door No. 3 you may ask?

Marie L C: This door number 3 sounds intriguing… So I want to know what was on the other side and did you pass through it?

_NewspaperAndy Reistetter Interesting… that would be Alice in Wonderland through the Looking Glass… need to save that story for New Year’s Eve post… Door No. 3 it may be… all booked up at Town Lodge too… call from the Wilderness that everyone showed up… no hotel room for me on the Garden Route or in George, by George what does that mean? Phone calls to paper advertisements to no avail either… no availability. .. Door No. 3 is the Etios option… and what would that be you may ask?

Ellen J: Oh no, Charles! Will say prayers you find a spot! Hello and happy new year to you and Florida Marie! I was so confused for a day or two as to what you we’re talking about…leave it to you to have two Marie’s who adore you:-) so I’m in PA with son & wife and sister…moving from place to place and not getting much sleep…nothing exciting like your adventure. And your beds are much more comfortable, I’m sure…let us know about door 3! Love and TROML!

_Lobby Town Lodge No Room Decision AcceptAndy Reistetter Soooo… there comes a time of acceptance and it came for me sitting in the lobby at the Twon Lodge after having explored countless ways to find a bed for the night… accepting that there will be no hotel room for Andy on the Golf Journey to South Africa for this night emerging from the Garden Route in George by George. With honesty and acceptance of a reality comes choices… what to do next? What would you do if you were homeless for a night in a foreign country?

Ellen J: I’m confused still…are you really in need? Or was this one night this week? Or is it future? Or is this hypothetical? I was once homeless in Italy in my twenties. I spent the night in a train station then got on a train…scared…a story to tell sometime:-) How did you do? I thought you were with Ernie Els? Let us know you are ok! xo

Suzanne W W: I do!!!!

_asleep in carAndy: Soooo here I was on the night of Tuesday, December 29th (for real) with no bed for the night. Accepted the situation, inspirational though life, realistic & logical deductions… Staff at Town Lodge extremely helpful giving me leads on rooms via local newspapers… secured parking lot… lobby bathroom… have my rental Toyota Etios… it’s late already, nearly midnight, and the sun comes up early around 5:30 am… so why not take a nap at night in the car, see what the new day brings, and go from there?

_extend legsAndy: Couple of tips for a big guy trying to sleep in a small car… don’t if at all possible… find a good sleep parking spot, preferably dimly lit and between two vans for privacy… at some point you fall asleep from pure tiredness… don’t think about your comfortable bed at home… try staying on your own side of the car but for me crossing my legs over to the passenger side was the most comfortable… when turning over or readjusting be careful not to beep the horn, brings unwanted attention… pretend you are sleeping (but keep one eye slightly open) when the security guard comes by to check out the situation (and thankfully does nothing)… wonder what set the alarm off on the van next to you and hope that eventually it will be turned off without further investigation (actually happened)… don’t forget to say your prayers and be grateful for a safe place to catch a few winks… some people in the world do not have that… have pleasant dreams…

_Andy BathroomAndy: Awaken by the sun is a wonderful thing… means you actually slept a bit during the night! Now time for the indiscriminate walk into the lobby, past the reception desk trying to look like you didn’t just sleep in the parking lot, to the bathroom for contact insertion, a shave & use of the facilities, and a quick washcloth bath hoping no one comes in and wonders about the American guy in the bathroom without a shirt…

Andy: No need to checkout since I wasn’t really a guest of the hotel though I did feel welcomed. Don’t forget to tip the young lady behind the counter and the security guard each a minimum of R100. After all it tis the Festive Season…

_Security TipAndy: ps, don’t forget the coin blank to exit the secure parking lot…refreshed somewhat, clean somewhat (someone later in the day thought my greasy hair was really added gel), I am ready for the day, another day in the Golf Journey to South Africa, this one taking me to Oubaai & Fancourt in George, then onward south towards Cape Town where thankfully I have a bed arranged that is not in my car. By George, that was a most remarkable night on the Golf Journey to South Africa? (-:

Andy:   Here’s the full story of that night in George, by Andy… lesson learned, it is all good… early Up & Andy… perfect timing for visiting Oubaai & meeting Ernie Els…   (Facebook Post, Andy Reistetter, 1/3/16)

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