Bobby Clampett is Making a Major Impact in Golf

CLICK here fro a VIDEO INTERVIEW with Bobby Clampett at the 2014 PGA Show.

With Bobby Clampett and the 'Impact Zone' book at the 2014 PGA Show.

With Bobby Clampett and the ‘Impact Zone’ book at the 2014 PGA Show.

We all remember the hot-shot amateur from California who was the low amateur at the 1978 U.S. Open and the 1979 Masters. The name Clampett hits squarely on the face as a PGA Tour winner and long time member of the CBS Sports broadcast team who recently joined the Champions Tour with success. Clampett’s game was influenced early on by Homer Kelley, one of golf’s all-time influential swing coaches, and his book The Golfing Machine. Now three-plus decades later, and six years after co-authoring the book “The Impact Zone: Mastering Golf’s Moment of Truth” with Andy Brumer, the Californian with an infectious smile and good nature, is positioned to make a ‘Major Impact’ to the game of golf. My how time flies and seeds planted long ago grow into big oak trees that change the landscape of golf.

Bobby making an impact at  the 2014 PGA Show.

Bobby making an impact at the 2014 PGA Show.

Simplicity and “out-of-the-box” thinking when it comes to coaching is what makes Bobby and his ‘Impact Zone’ very different than other golf instruction. Think about it, the real purpose of the golf swing is to make impact, dynamic impact with the golf ball. No more, no less, same as driving a car from Point A to Point B. It does not matter what type of car you drive as long as it gets you there when you need to be there. Simplicity is not a common element of various other golf instruction programs.

So too is accepting your ‘style of swing’ and then simply focusing on the impact of the golf club on the golf ball. There are many ways to get to that impact zone and why not focus on the purpose? No different than living in the moment. Yes there is a past back swing and a future follow through but all that matters is the moment of impact. Sounds revolutionary doesn’t it?

Bobby signing the 'Impact Zone' book at the 2013 PGA Show. Every year the 'Impoact Zone' makes a bigger impact in the game of golf.

Bobby signing the ‘Impact Zone’ book at the 2013 PGA Show. Every year the ‘Impact Zone’ makes a bigger impact in the game of golf.

I always look forward to interacting with Bobby. A few Masters ago he had a club in the corner of the broadcast booth frequently gripping it and going outside for a few swings as he prepared for the Champions Tour. Reminded me of my childhood growing up watching the Masters on TV and having my Dad or older brother ‘LP’ grab the club from the corner to launch a discussion of grip, stance, swing and golf and life in general. Now Bobby has launched his teaching organization has over 100 teachers certified in “Impact Zone Golf.”

Enjoy the video interview from the 2014 PGA Show. I did as I always learn something new from Bobby and find him entertaining and varied yet focused so it is fun too. Bobby was a three-time collegiate All-American and represented  the United States in Olympic-like golf competitions, first as an amateur winning the individual World Amateur medal and then as a professional in the 1982.

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