GJSA Day 1A: Journey to South Africa via London Heathrow

5Golf Journey to South Africa in progress soon… Orlando-DFW-London Hearthrow-Johannesburg… leave Wednesday 7 pm, arrive Johannesburg Friday 10 am (3 am EST), back-to-back redeyes, 23 hours flying time… then 44 days in South Africa… TROML Baby!   (Facebook Post 5 Pics, Andy Reistetter, 12/9/15)

Nice flight over to Heathrow, had whole row to myself & slept like a baby. Went into London Paddington Station & took a 3 hour walk to Kensington Palace & through the Marble Arch neighborhood. Holiday lights are beautiful! One 13-hour redeye and I am in Johannesburg! Safety for all travelers, including me, this holiday season! (-:   (Facebook Post 4 Pics, Andy Reistetter, 12/10/15)