Day 10: Playing the Extreme 19th at Legends Golf & Safari

A day of golf & inspiration- the views, the people, this place, the helicopter ride and playing The Extreme 19th, The Signature Course, each hole designed by a different professional golfer, & The Tribute, a collection of the 10 best par-3s in the world... fittingly nearly deuces the last hole, the 17th at TPC Sawgrass... Wow, WOw, WOW.   (Facebook Post 11 Pics, Andy Reistetter, 12/19/15) Astonishing view... There's the green, shaped like Africa, a 400 yard carry, which I don't have in the bag... WILD helicopter ride, UP & down... My best Tee shot...up & down for a par, NOT, let's call it a Bogeys 4... Squirrel the pilot, flying squirrel thank God What a golf hole! View from my place, can I stay just a little bit longer, please, please say... — at Legend Golf and Safari Resort. I know this place... Fairly realistic.. She's a Pharoah, a sleeping lion, she's beautiful, peaceful, serene & massive... Afterwards, 6 balls, best in the Fairway about 30 yards short...   Flashback to a week ago... the helicopter ride UP to the Extreme 19th at Legend Golf and Safari Resort... see the green in the shape of Africa (upside down flying past to tee in the sky)... it felt and still looks like to me that we were going to crash into the cliff... still shaking a bit... see the picnic table... so close... safely atop Hanglip Mountain... more to come.... 6 tee shots and helicopter ride DOWN which was even more extreme... and I thought it was the golf hole that was extreme! Thanks for the ride (Flying) Squirrel! (-:…/   (Facebook Post Video, Andy Reistetter, 12/27/15)