Day 28: Interviewing Cape Town’s Own Sally Little at the New Metropolitan!

Meeting South African golfing legend Sally Little at her home The Metropolitan Golf Club in Cape Town was an extraordinary day! She is such a warm, young, beautiful and gracious person! Besides the excitement of meeting her and playing an incredibly interesting, well designed (by Mark Muller), and fun to play 9-hole golf course with 14 greens... new stadium... golf course renovation... old clubhouse is now a McDoanld's... THE biggest memory is how engaging & charismatic Sally was with some new fans from the UK, in town for the England-SA cricket game, from the Barrow Golf Club & Westlake Golf Clubs, playing in a Wyder Cup competition what ever that is... great guys who loved meeting Sally... so did I...  CLICK here for Sally Little's Living Golf Website.   (Facebook Post, Andy Reistetter, 1/31/16)