Day 19: Sun Boardwalk Hotel—Dinner at Kipling’s Brasserie Restaurant

Okay so was going for the Sun International Trifecta but Sun Boardwalk Hotel sold out tonight... concierge Neil found me the nearby African Beach B&B... great place too... had to come back for dinner... Dinner at 5 star hotel for... check this out... 15 Rand to the US dollar... must visit & play Humewood GC... entering the Garden Route from the north... hoping for a room in George tomorrow night, then Cape Town for New Year's Eve here comes Andy's Golf & Travel Diary...   (Facebook Post 10 Pics, Andy Reistetter, 1/29/15) Learning how to greet folks in South Africa... very friendly, welcoming, hospitable country! Might just stick with the firm handshake when I get back home but thinking my buddy Stokes Hill might go for this! (-:   (Facebook Post Video, Andy Reistetter, 12/28/15)