Day 32: Phillip Hughes: Australian Batsman Dies, Aged 25

Phillip Hughes: Australian Batsman Dies, Aged 25 Australia Test batsman Phillip Hughes has died aged 25, two days after being struck on the top of the neck by a ball during a domestic match in Sydney. _Phillip HughesIs this a Godsend or what? As explained to me by my mate Terry: Phil Hughes was on 63 runs in his innings when he was hit on Tuesday & died on Thursday. As a tribute Australian Cricket have officially changed the records of the match from 63 retired hurt, to 63 not out, on the weekend junior cricketers who usually have to retire at 50 runs were able to reach 63 where they retired at 63 not out. On Sunday at the 9th hole being the 63 rd hole of the Australian Open, there was a cricket bat & ball at the Tee box to honour Phl. Then Speith goes out & smashes the course record by 2& post a 63 ( On what would have been Phil Hughes birthday) Thanks for sharing Terry! (Facebook Post 1 Pic, Andy Reistetter, 11/30/14) Thanks for sharing, Andy Reistetter. There are no coincidences. If we're open to seeing these kinds of events in our world, they're much more frequent than most people think. I had two examples in my world today. And though I hate that Phil Hughes passed, the surrounding elements of this story and Jordan's final Sunday round made me smile. And appreciate a beautifully connected universe.   (Facebook Post, Mitch Laurance, 12/1/14)