Day 36: Sun City Resort is as Spectacular as They Say!

Going to Sun City, gonna have some fun… going to Sun City Resort because there’s two golf courses there, two golf courses for every player to play… I am here… Gary Player CC tomorow and Lost City GC on Wednesday…   (Facebook Post 9 Pics, Andy Reistetter, 1/11/16)

This place is cool… can’t believe I am trying Ostrich & Crocodile pie! Awesome golfing experience on the Gary Player Country Club course today… Loving Sun City Resort!   (Facebook Post 7 Pics, Andy Reistetter, 1/12/16)

Okay, back to the golf… what an amazing golfing experience playing the Gary Player CC course yesterday… Lost City Golf Course today… another beautiful day in this paradise called Sun City!   (Facebook Post 19 Pics, Andy Reistetter, 1/12/16)

I think if I get lost on this golf course and see a crocodile like that this may be my last golf journey… better to take stroke & distance than be eaten! (-:   (Facebook Post Video, Andy Reistetter, 1/13/16)

Not something you see every day on the practice putting green! Pretty amazing, never saw a centipede before… wonder if there are really 100 legs?… wonder how they coordinate them so well why sometimes I trip & fall with only two… know what I mean? Sun City Resort is all about being out there with nature too… adjacent to the Pilanesburg National Park   (Facebook Post Video, Andy Reistetter, 1/14/16)

Planet of the Baboons… they have taken over the clubhouse… the ultimate alpha male has yet to swing a golf club though talks a good game. Eerie call to mark his territory. We still went in for lunch after nine as that is the custom in South Africa and we were hungry!   (Facebook Post Video, Andy Reistetter, 1/14/16)

What can I say other than I loved playing Lost City Golf Course at the Sun City Resort… from the moment I arrived… to playing with father Jerry & son Elliott… to the Crocodile Pit on the 13th… to views of the Palace of the Lost City… great golfing & living experience! TROML designation for sure! (-:   (Facebook Post, Andy Reistetter, 1/14/16)

Incredible 3-hour property tour of Sun City Resort today with PR manager Nicole Turner… felt like a king touring the Palace of the Lost City… quite an interesting history and very detailed and ornate… went up into the King’s Tower for a view of the kingdom and then checked into the African Suite where Michael Jackson would come for months at a time… then dinner with Nicole and entertainment manager Cecile Brody … then awesome entertainment with the talented Andy Swan & Urban Swan duo… a magical day in South Africa’s version of Disneyland…   (Facebook Post, Andy Reistetter, 1/14/16)