Heartbeat of High Hampton Inn…

36Fall 2017 East Coast Golf Journey starts tomorrow as I head to the High Hampton Inn & Country Club, my favorite place in the NC mountains… last time there I met Gaynor & Hap a delightful couple in their 90s. I was able to capture their love story in videos in this article… sadly they have since passed and their daughter made my day by sharing that “the video interview you did of them has become a treasure for our family and Gaynor’s family. Her sons discovered their mother on the internet when she died! Hap and Gaynor both enjoyed the tape many times before they passed. Thanks for the great memory of them.” Love like they had is eternal! God Bless Gaynor & Hap! I will be celebrating them as I hike and golf in a most beautiful place especially this time of year! Hope to see y’all along the Fall 2017 ECGJ…   (Facebook Post with 1 link, Andy Reistetter, 10/7/17)

Enjoy the Mountains of North Carolina at High Hampton Inn & CC

31Okay, so I wasn’t the one who invited Nate. I regardless, it feels restorative to be back at High Hampton Inn & Country Club. The people here are like family! Setting, historic & comfortable accommodations, room big enough to bring the whole family, what more could one want or need? Incredible first day of the Fall 2017 East Coast Golf Journey!   (Facebook Post with 30 pics, Andy Reistetter, 10/8/17)

60Quiet morning, tasty breakfast, some TROML Journaling & I am a happy resort guest…feeling & being my Splendid Spiritual Self with Spiritual Love & an overwhelming sense of unity, peace, joy, & freedom! TROML Baby am I… thank you for hosting me High Hampton Inn & Country Club… a beautiful setting of serenity of self & nature…   (Facebook Post with 2 pics, Andy Reistetter, 10/9/17)


Day 2 was as exceptional as Day 1 at the High Hampton Inn & Country Club… I so identify with the peace, traquility, & joy of this place! Partial title of my article came to me literally when I heard a rhythmic thump, thump in my room last night. The Heartbeat of High Hampton… Short drive to visit Asheville yesterday & Sylva on the way home to High Hampton. After all, home IS where the heart is as long as it IS beating! Enjoy this day like it is your last! TROML Baby Forever!   (Facebook Post with 30 pics, Andy Reistetter, 10/10/17)

37Bye Bye for now to all the wonderful people, guests & staff, of High Hampton Inn & Country Club! Tasty omelette, some OJ, & started reading the ‘The Mind of Mahatma Gandhi’ book I picked up at City Lights Bookstore in Slyva yesterday. TROML Baby! Onward to the North, the 2017 Fall East Coast Golf Journey continues… next stop is…    (Facebook Post with 30 pics, Andy Reistetter, 10/10/17)