2019 ECGJ: Triple Cities Amateur; Kyle Nedlik Wins; Andy Reistetter Finishes Dead Last!


With Round 1 playing partners Scott Strong (left) and Bobby Goerlich (right)!

Kyle Nedlik Wins the 2019 Triple Cities Amateur; Andy Reistetter Finishes Dead Last!

What a thrill to play in the first round of the Triple Cities Golf Association (TCGA) Amateur Championship at the Conklin Players Club today! Beautiful, challenging golf course as you can see in the link below from Andy’s Golf & Travel Diary’s visit in September 2016!

Conklin Players Club, Greater Binghamton’s Own Augusta National…

Tough course setup today—I think it was hard pin day—the lowest score in the 45-man field was a 3-over par 75! I shot an 88 with 38 putts including 5 one-putt greens! As many 3-putts and YES, you do the math; I did 4-putt after a brilliant chip on No. 4 and avoided another 4-putt making a tough downhill breaker from 3 feet on the 14th for par after hitting the par-5 hole in two shots! Decent run of 4-over par for 9 holes mid-round but 10 over on 4 holes and no birdies was the real challenge for me today!

It’s been a while since I last played competitive golf last August at the 4-day World Am in Myrtle Beach; finished T4 but that was handicapped and flighted!

Play the World Am in Myrtle Beach; It will make a Professional out of You!

20190713_235550Need to go low tomorrow Saturday at En-Joie Golf Club to make the Top 30 cut for the final round at Binghamton Country Club on Sunday! Know I can do it!

Great golf courses and competition in the Triple Cities of Johnson City, Endicott, and Binghamton! Reasonably priced too! And yes, En Joie Golf Club is the home of the PGA TOUR Champions’ Dick’s Sporting Goods Open and the previous BC Open on the PGA TOUR!

Bed time; early tee time tomorrow (11:40 am)!

(Andy Reistetter; Facebook Post with 3 Links; Friday, July 13th, 2019)

20190714_000711Even tougher day today for this golfer! Not only missed the cut but finished dead last except for a DQ and everybody else that did not play in this tournament! LOL, as Hogan said, there is golf and then there is tournament golf! Still a great experience playing two great golf courses. I will live to play another day, actually 3 or 4 in the coming week! TROML Baby (an exclamation of JOY)! (Andy Reistetter; Facebook Comment; Saturday, July 14th, 2019).

2019 TCGA Final Round Scores

Congrats to Kyle Nedlik – Great Playing!