Lesson #12: Carolyn Gives Andy a Golfing Lesson!

CLICK HERE for Carolyn’s Golf Lesson: Golf is a Lot like Dance!

Exactly one week from right now, at 6:30 pm on Friday, June 16th is our Dancing With The Stars PREVIEW Event at Dance Alday Ballroom & Latin Studio in Ponte Vedra Beach!!! Please come join us as we have been working hard to finish our dance routine. Will be spectacular in September DWTS competition, preview mode on Friday! Where else can you get golf, dance & life lessons from the one-and-only professional Carolyn Morriss? Pretty good golf tip, right Barry Goldstein? Will be a FUN evening! Come!!! VOTE for us like Joan E.Davis did today at this link: http://firstcoastdwts.org/andy-reistetter/ (Facebook Post with video, Andy Reistetter, June 9, 2017)