Toni Taylor and Her Golf MOJO Revolution…

With Toni Taylor, the leader of the Golf MOJO Revolution.

With Toni Taylor, the leader of the Golf MOJO Revolution.

I met quite an interesting person at this year’s PGA Show. Her name is Toni Taylor and she is the leader of the Golf MOJO Revolution. Based in Vancouver, British Columbia she has been making an impact on and off the golf course as a Lifetime LPGA Teaching & club Pro member and golf coach for the last 25 years. She represented British Columbia twice as a junior golfer and cites her year as a 17-year old as the pinnacle of her golfing career. Maybe part of that was being a pen pal of John Daly? With a full ride scholarship to Lamar University in Texas she gave it a go professionally but honestly admits, in hindsight, the internal side of the game—especially a horrible internal golf talking dialogue with herself while competing. As a coach she has been telling her students “don’t jam your MOJO” for the last 15 years. All of these life and golf experiences have culminated and peaked recently into the Golf MOJO Revolution. “If you are messed up internally,” she will tell you, ” it’s not going to flow externally.” Golf’s MOJO Lady can help you find your own personal key in golf and life—unlock you, activate you and get you back out there playing in a meaningful way. If you want to find the MOJO in golf and life it’s not going to happen completely without connecting with Toni Taylor and becoming a part of her Golf MOJO Revolution.

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Here in Toni Taylor’s own words is more of the Golf MOJO Revolution and her experience promoting it at this year’s PGA Show in Orlando:

1Why in the World would ANYONE want to go to the PGA Show?
The Show is Overwhelming, Intimidating and a definite
OVERLOAD of Information!

The ʻGreatest Golf Show on Earthʼ succeeds in spades just in
SIZE! The statement ʻGo Big or Go Homeʼ … Nailed IT!
BUT letʼs NOT Stop There…Add the Manufacturersʼ Marketing Extravaganza
with the newest updated technology and equipment PLUS throw in some

You got Yourself… A Kickinʼ GOLF PARTY!

Arriving wide eyed, apprehensive, a bit unsure but admittedly a little excited too. This
was my 1st PGA Show and GOLF MOJO Revolution was about to make itʼs debut.
What would everyone think?

3Whoʼs the girl walking around in the Golf MOJO Revolution
Intriguing Logo…Whatʼs the KEY?
Unlock Activate Play!? Sounds Interesting? … Will anyone NOTICE or even CARE?

WELL…Turns out…YES!
Hereʼs the thing…it was an EXPERIMENT.
It was a chance to ʻWALK the TALKʼ as they say.
To test certain MINDSETS of Expectations along with preconceived Beliefs and Ideas of
what this Adventure would be like.

There was tons of input from my colleagues insisting, explaining, describing and
advising everything I needed to know about the Biggest SHOW of the Year.

4Does this sound At All Familiar….???
I decided to throw caution to the wind and have NO Expectations! No outer influence of
ANY Kind.
Experience it with a Child-like Imagination and Sense of Adventure. No Fears, Worries
or Concerns. Let the MAGIC, the MOJO Unlock…Activate…PLAY!


Many were curious and intrigued about Golf MOJO Revolution and I was invited on
PGA Sirius XM Radio and another Radio Podcast!

By NOT expecting ANY particular Outcomes, it allowed my ʻThoughtsʼ to Enjoy EVERY
Step of the Process.

The PGA Show Adventure ended up BEing…Simply AMAZING!
Highly recommend if YOU ever get the chance or want to go…
a MUST on the Bucket List.

Perhaps WE can go next Year! ʻWalking the Talkʼ Together! No Expectations and
Enjoying what it is like to BE in the MOMENT.

GolfMOJOBlk(1)This is my Vision for YOU!...We will discover Together to find Your KEY to Unlock Your
Treasure Chest
Your Golf MOJO! Unlock Activate and Play with Joy and Freedom!

We are currently redesigning the site as I want to be able to provide the best access
and information possible.

So, THANK YOU for your PATIENCE and for being a part of Golf MOJO Revolution.

Toni Taylor
LPGA Life Member
Creator of Golf MOJO Revolution
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