Trilogy Golf Club at Ocala Preserve Defines Golf’s Future

20160201_170031It is not every day that one gets to see the future and the past come together in the present. That’s what happened to me when I attended the Grand Opening of the Tripp Davis & Tom Lehman golf course at Trilogy at Ocala Preserve.

The experience took me back to my childhood and learning the game from my Dad up on the Par-3 golf course at Ely Park Municipal Golf Course in Binghamton, New York. Simple holes with a simple goal to develop my golfing skills and graduate to the “big course.”

At Trilogy at Ocala Preserve, playing the Gallery Loop of six par-3s and then the Players Course of six championship holes (four par-4s, a par-3 and a par-5 at an 18 hole equivalent of 6,732 yards) showed me golf of the future—customized to your available times, play how many holes you like, fun, good variety of holes, traditional yet visionary and a viable lifestyle for the Trilogy residents with a focus on exploring, connecting and having fun and being fit and healthy.

This concept is the real life production of what has been talked about in the golf industry for years. It’s a way to bring young and old to the game of golf, give them a fun experience and encourage them to come back. During the course of playing the six championship holes I passed by six other green complexes. With the loops-within-loops design concept there are four different course configurations or if you like an 18-hole par-3 course. The six- hole concept is validated by the United States Golf Association as evidence of their system being changed to allow the posting of a 6-hole round at Trilogy at Ocala Preserve.

With holes ranging from 155 to 520 yards, tees that are both flat and sloped to accommodate a match-play option that allows players to select the tees and holes they wish to play. Kind of like a golf version of the classic basketball game, HORSE. With 18 holes to choose from maybe five letters isn’t enough and this new golf game will go down in the annals of golf history as TRILOGY!

Experience Golf’s Future at Trilogy at Ocala Preserve!


Experience Trilogy as I did in the real-time Facebook posts below:

Heading to Ocala, Florida today to open a new Tripp Davis & Tom Lehman golf course at Trilogy at Ocala Preserve… going to be an interesting & fascinating day for sure! Here’s why… ever play one like this?

Trilogy® Golf Club at Ocala Preserve redefines the game. Conceptualized by celebrated golf course designer Tripp Davis and PGA Tour star Tom Lehman, Trilogy® Golf Club at Ocala Preserve is where golf changes forever. Not only does the course include all the challenges of a traditionally-styled golf course, but its revolutionary routing provides maximum flexibility in terms of playability, challenge and time commitment. Not least of all, the course’s footprint — on 50 acres as opposed to the 100+ required by conventional, full-size courses — reduces its environmental impact. The result is a course that can be played in multiple ways, each offering a new experience.   (FB Post 2/1/16 Andy Reistetter)

Grand Opening in progress… Tripp Davis/Tom Lehman… innovative design… 4 golf courses in 1 on 50 acres… golf & a party… Andy is here! (-:   (FB Post 2/1/16 Andy Reistetter)

This is quite interesting to hear Tripp Davis & Tom Lehman describe their vision behind this revolutionary design… very excited to play Trilogy Golf Club tomorrow morning…   (FB Post 2/1/16 Andy Reistetter)

Totally new golfing experience today… revolutionary new golf course design by Tripp Davis & Tom Lehman… on a GSC Golf Skate Caddy… but with same old golf game… will be FUN! (-:   (FB Post 2/2/16 Andy Reistetter)

Great golfing experience today with my media buddies & Tom Lehman… he said my swing looks more like John Daly than Jim Furyk… LOL.. striped one down the middle & he bunkered right… then a hit a nice hosel lateral shot that he helped me find… a bit embarrassing even for me! LOL… great guy… great golf course designed by Tripp Davis & Tom Lehman… definitely has a place in the game… 6732 from the tips, 3X around the Players Loop or a challenging par 3 course… 18 well designed green complexes in all! (-:   (FB Post 2/2/16 Andy Reistetter)

Tom Lehman reveals his secret to success—”hitting the ball facing the ball”—during lunch after the Grand Opening of the Trilogy at Ocala Preserve revolutionary new golf course designed by he and Tripp Davis. Reminded me of watching golf on TV growing up and my Dad, his brothers and my older brother LP would get the golf club out of the corner and demonstrate a few swing tips… miraculously never hitting anyone or anything in our house! Here in this video John Duval, 2015 World Amateur Team USA member listens intently while golf real estate insider Scott Kauffman nods appreciatively at the end realizing this could be the swing tip to get his name on his bag like John! (-:   (FB Post 2/3/16 Andy Reistetter)