Visiting The Waterfall Club Twice in the Fall of 2019: Social Media PLAY-by-PLAY!

_Pic FBSoon to be R&R Time!!! Sooo I have been living in Atlanta for the last 6 weeks working hard assisting my son on a major home renovation... love Atlanta, it's spiritual fullness, culture, people, & way of life. Sooo what do Atlantans do for for a little R&R, especially this time of year? Head up to the North Georgia Mountains to the Waterfall Club! Purely a tranquil, beautiful, and spiritual place to recharge, reconnect, and revitalize one's life! Plus there is an unbelievable golf course with bent grass greens! Heart-to-heart, only 2 hours, about 100 miles from the center of Atlanta; northern suburbs are even closer! A little more work, a BIG event, and then off for a "Waterfall Refresher!" TROML Baby (an exclamation of Joy & Gratitude)!!!

CLICK HERE for The Waterfall Club in the North Georgia Mountains- Beyond Expectations!

(Andy Reistetter; Facebook Post with Article Link; 10-18-19) 2Perfect day for golf at The Waterfall Club, could not resist playing! Regulation par on first hole after no golf for last 2 months, hit the ball well! Bright, beautiful, sunny day! Dinner at the Overlook. Bartender Anton used my input & came up with a new drink for me, the 'Waterfall Refresher!" It was quite refreshing! CLICK HERE for the Picture Gallery of Sunday at The Waterfall Club! (Andy Reistetter; Facebook Post with 30 pics; 10-20-19) 26Spectacular mountain golf at its best! This Scott Pool design has amazing vistas, great shot values, and is a lot of fun to play! Here are the gorgeous 18 holes as you play them. Note the inspiration on the white tees at No. 9! Bill Robeson has it right! CLICK HERE for the Picture Gallery of Monday at The Waterfall Club! (Andy Reistetter; Facebook Post with 30 pics; 10-21-19) 9Went off-property today driving down some beautiful country roads in the Blue Ridge Mountains The fall colors are emerging in North Georgia! Stopped by the Dicks Creek trail head & got a taste of hiking the Appalachian Trial. Who's game for a 2,200-mile hike in 2020? Headed up to Brasstown Bald, the highest mountain in Georgia, to check out the view. WOW! Then back to The Waterfall Club to watch the sun set over Lake Burton! WOW! WOWIE!!! CLICK HERE for the Picture Gallery of Tuesday offsite in the Blue Ridge Mountains! (Andy Reistetter; Facebook Post with 30 pics; 10-22-19) I came, I rested, I golfed, I feasted, I explored, I saw the leaves change colors, I was freed, I was revitalized! Thank you Chris Schindler & Jason LeBlanc for hosting Andy's Golf & Travel Diary! Please rescue my Drone Buddy from the waterfall! CLICK HERE for the Video of My Drone Buddy's Ill-Fated Final Flight & Crash into The Waterfall! _Final Pic ThursI lost a good friend on this visit to The Waterfall Club my Drone Buddy. He was valiantly videoing the namesake Waterfall when due to my pilot error he crashed into the rocky vegetation. Jason LeBlanc $200 Reward for recovering & safely returning my Drone Buddy in 'as is' condition to me. Two search & rescue attempts, one from below & one from above by me were unsuccessful. Need someone that can repel down from above. Warning, this video is graphic & not suitable for all audiences. Pilot Note: Mistake I made was piloting from tee above where I had no visual on the drone. Should have been down at the green looking up and watching the drone. (Andy Reistetter; Two Facebook Post with 1 Pic & 1 Video; 10-23-19) Where else would one like to go & celebrate knowing this spirited & beautiful woman named Merri for nearly eight years now? The Waterfall Club of course! The right place for golfing & vibrant life embracing guys, gals, couples, & families! Date Days (golf, tennis, spa) & Date Nights (culinary delights, ping pong, & theater room to watch movies) galore! Some pics from our first date at the 2012 PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando! TROML Baby (an exclamation of Joy and Gratitude)!!! (Andy Reistetter; Facebook Post with 30 pics; 11-4-9)