Welcome to the Art World of Jacksonville’s own Marisa Yow!!!

'Lone Sparrow,' Marisa Yow, and me...

‘Lone Sparrow,’ Marisa Yow, and me…

It’s kind of funny in life how one ends up someplace special, someplace with a creatively inspiring presence… it’s easy to look back and see the links… golf… First Coast Dancing With The Stars and a wonderful benefactor that emerged and led me into the Art World of Marissa Yow. This delightful person was a benefit to Marisa and a benefit to me and the Beaches Fine Art Series. One of those people who like to remain anonymous and naturally likes to give back and help others along their journey in life!

CLICK HERE for Part One of Two of the VIDEO Interview with Marisa Yow!

CoRK seems like an odd name for a place unless you are in Ireland and you are a rebel ready to support the Yorkish cause during the English 15th century War of the Roses. One might say Cork for York! Not in modern times, as ‘Figurative Artist’ Marisa Yow explains in her video interview that CoRK in Jacksonville, Florida is an acronym for ‘Corner of Roselle & King’ streets. CoRK is an arts district centered in 80,000 square foot of warehouse space that has been converted to artist studios and galleries.

With Marisa Yow at CoRK!

With Marisa Yow at CoRK!

CoRK is home to Marisa Yow though she does teach and have another space out at the beach in Ponte Vedra. Her thing is ‘figurative,’ which means anything to do with the human figure by any means, all art mediums and medias included. Why, you ask? Because it is the most challenging, the most interesting and ever-changing subject as we all know. Yes, that does mean nudes. Born and raised in Ponte Vedra, Marisa made it all the way north to Philadelphia studying and collecting art degrees along the way–a BFA in Painting and Drawing from Florida State University, a BA in The History and Criticism of Art, and a MFA from the The Pennsylvania Academy of The Fine Arts in Philadelphia. Home and her heart brought her back with a limitless passion to find the essence of being a human being and to share it through her art with you and me!

CLICK HERE for Part Two of Two of the VIDEO Interview with Marisa Yow!

Marisa with her 'Anthropology of a Girl,' pieces leave, some come back, it grows as we grow!. Sounds more like a beautiful woman than a girl to me...

Marisa with her ‘Anthropology of a Girl,’ pieces leave, some come back, it grows as we grow!. Sounds more like a beautiful woman than a girl to me…

Some of her artwork starts in a dream, others with inspirational thoughts at bedtime. Sometimes she knows why the creative thought comes into her mind but other times she does not. She starts focusing on a feeling but usually ends up telling a story as she describes two dramatic pieces of her artwork in the video interview—’Lone Sparrow’ and ‘Anthropology of a Girl.’

And yes that girl is she! And this girl is growing as she goes and sharing her mix of ideas, memories, and perceptions of life. While extracting inspiration, joy and pain from the past her work is advant-garde as she sees herself experimenting with time lapsed video of water drawings on pieces of slate, again states of change with time. Her artwork sometimes comes in pieces and is not always centered though I would say it has an effect of centering one with oneself.

Marisa Yow, Artist Extraordinaire!

Marisa Yow, Artist Extraordinaire!

In fact that is how Marisa and our anonymous benefactor connected—the ‘Lone Sparrow!’ You cannot keep a voice silent, you cannot contain the uncontainable Marisa Yow, whether figuratively speaking or speaking in figures!

Me included—TROML Baby!