2019 Masters Monday: Walking the Second Nine at Augusta National Golf Club!

Always beautiful, always serene, always feels like the very first time here, blessed to walk Augusta National today! Mainly walked the second nine before a storm came in & closed the course around 3:30 pm. Happy Masters!   (Andy Reistetter, Facebook Post with 30 Pics, Monday 4-8-19) Thanks for all the Facebook Comments—they are included below the Photo Gallery! Peter Benn have a fantastic time mate Phil Lago Enjoy! Delia Guerrero Nava On my way. Maybe I’ll see you! Bettyann Procter Harlow We had such a nice time last year Andy, miss you a lot Lissa Marchette Rothstein Have a great time. I’m sure Frosty is smiling  Lisa Bennett-Fish Very nice Andy Reistetter! Terry Anderson Lucky dog! Rick Bell Sorry we missed you! Walked all 18. Great day!!! Muffy Jennings See you Wednesday. Katherine Deen Way See you Thursday! Jason LeBlanc My hero Jeff Hughes Jr. Come say hello...I'll be working security near the driving range all week Mary Eaton Rhodes We were there last year. It’s amazing! Tracy Dantzscher Underwood Enjoy it! Joan E.Davis keep the pictures coming.....awesome!!!!! Donna Papas Simons Beautiful, enjoy your time there. Tim Crosby Nice to see the dogwoods and azaleas blooming like they did when I was a kid! Nadia Allem Are you there all week? Kim Hastert There in spirit Pamela Haugner Sky looks as bad there as here! Kathleen Wolfe BEAUTIFUL ANDY A great place to be, have fun! Keith Chesk see, thank got you are not at Ely now! Debra Cottrell Looks beautiful...wish I could be there...Enjoy! Marimoraes Moraes Felicidades amigo♥️ Sharon Young DiPasquale We'll be up there Friday. I hope we can see you. Paula Scott LOVE LOVE THIS!!! ❤️❤️❤️ Jim Maggiore So, who do you think will be wearing the green jacket this Sunday? Dan DeMuth Thanks Andy great pics, 🙂 I always enjoy attending the masters was unable to make it this year based on being in Arizona for so long. Nancy Lopez Was sponsored by a company out of my home town and Saint cloud Minnesota at the time when I was a kid great memories. I caddie for her back then and she had so many good insights. 🙂 Tom Lamphere I was there on Monday!!!! Calvin Kong Zhi Xian when can have a golf game with you at Augusta?