2019 DSGO: Scott McCarron & His Jenny are Lighting Up the PGA TOUR Champions!

1I first met Scott McCarron and his wife, then girlfriend, Jenny I was doing yardages for Scott, the on-course reporter for the Golf Channel early coverage at the time, on the par-5 15th hole. There are three things I remember vividly about that week—the record 179,022 in attendance on Saturday—interviewing LPGA Founder and Legend Marilyn Smith in her home—and how much fun Jenny & Scott were having in life. They literally lit up the fairway between golf shots!

Now six years later Scott is lighting up the PGA TOUR Champions having won 11 times, one more than Jack Nicklaus, including one Major, winning the Bridgestone Senior PLAYERS Championship one month ago. Of course, Jack played a limited schedule (84 events) and 8 of his 10 wins were Majors! McCarron’s PGA TOUR Champions career, four years into it, is extremely impressive!

I had the privileged of asking Scott a couple of questions in his media center interview (see full transcript below) and his answers were quite revealing! Forest Gump might have had his Jenny in Movie Land but Scott has the real thing in the Golf World for sure. Suffice it to say his answer to why he has been so successful is ‘Jenny, Jenny, Jenny’ and a lot of hard work, sacrifice, and determination!

My follow-up question utilized information from Wikipedia—that he did not transition well from college to the professional ranks… Lesson Learned; never use information from Wikipedia to interview a professional athlete!

8Actually it triggered another interesting and revealing line of McCarron response… The truth is always revealing! He flat out quit playing golf and was living life with full gusto on all fronts until disaster washed away the family business. He went to his father and suggested that they rebuild the family apparel business together. That they did just that with Scott playing some social golf to sell hats and shirts.

Scott is likely the only person in his 20s, albeit a competitive amateur golfer at the time, to go to a PGA TOUR Champions event and be inspired to pursue a professional golf career! The long putter took his putting game to a higher level as he won three times in a 21-year career on the PGA TOUR.

As fate would have it I was walking along and heard Scott’s voice booming out from a Security Mutual corporate event. Still inspired from our earlier encounter I went in and again had the privilege to ask him another question after listening for a while.

Jenny was there watching as he once again attributed his success to her and a new outlook on life. I heard him say that he was grateful to be out here competing against the same guys that he competed with on the PGA TOUR. He spoke of pure competition—that competition is competition no matter where it is, when it is, or against whom it is. Competition is competition! That was basically his response to my question asking him to compare his success on the two tours.

What I realized was that yes, the players are all seemingly the same, competing on the same En Joie Golf Course, in the 2019 Dick’s Sporting Goods Open as they were in the 1972 B.C. Open but Scott McCarron was not, without a doubt, the same person, especially from the inside-out. Jenny and Scott have created something special, something successful, and certainly something inspiration. Others may want to hit the pause button for a moment and go within to find the peace and serenity, the clear and quiet mind to hit the winning golf shots that Scott is hitting!

Jenny and Scott hit the pause button and took the last month off after his Major victory. My thought is that Scott, the 2017 DSGO Champion, will hit the Go-button and follow Bart Bryant as the second consecutive two-time winner of the Dick’s Sporting Goods Open… on the PGA TOUR Champions and in life extraordinaire with Jenny…

Transcript Credits: PGA TOUR Champions & Tee-Scripts.com

Q. Andy’s Golf & Travel Diary: What do you attribute your success to on the Champions Tour? I mean, you really lit it up out here.

SCOTT McCARRON: Well, I think there’s a couple things. I felt like when I got to the end of my career on the PGA TOUR, I had a couple injuries and life gets in the way of golf sometimes, and taking that time off really made me appreciate how much I love playing golf for a living.

So when I was coming back to play on the Champions Tour, one, I started working with a new teacher, E.A. Tischler, and that helped out a lot. But just getting back in shape, getting back with some renewed energy.

And I was dating my wife, Jenny, at the time. Wanting to show her I could still play a little bit. And she was pushing me, because there was a time in that 48 to 50 when I was doing some announcing, I was working for Golf Channel, doing a little CBS, NBC, signed a contract with FOX, that I was considering which direction do I want to go. Do I want to give it a shot again in playing golf or do I want to go into the announcing. And Jenny really was pushing me to go back into golf, she knew how much I loved that.

So that was a big push for me to get back in. Okay, if we’re going to do it, let’s really do it. A lot of guys come out here and have had great careers and have tons of money and Hall of Fame and this is kind of a just go out and have some fun. For me it was, okay, if I’m going to do this, I want to be the best out here and I want to practice and I want to play and I want to eat right and work out and do everything I can to be the best player that I can be and be one of the best players out here.

So I feel like I’ve got a lot of prove, I guess. Mostly just to myself, not anybody else. No one else really cares what I do except my wife, but I’m trying to prove it to myself. So I’m setting high goals and I feel if I stay in shape, I can have a good 10-, 12-, 14-year career out here on the Champions Tour.

And the other thing is, you know, when you’re 25 to 28, 35, you’re not really thinking of the end, that you’re going to have to stop playing golf at some time. Once you turn 50, you think, oh, okay, there is an end in sight. I know that and it’s not that far away, so I want to put everything I can into it and get the most out of it and enjoy it and have fun.

I think that’s been one of the biggest things for me is having Jenny travel with me. We have so much fun together on the road that she’s made it a lot more fun than just traveling out here by myself and going through the drudge a little bit. I think she’s been a big help.

Q. Andy’s Golf & Travel Diary: You mentioned the 20s, this is a quick follow-up. Wikipedia has you not transitioning well from college to the professional ranks. Looking back, I mean–

SCOTT McCARRON: I don’t know about not transitioning well. I quit golf for four years. I thought that was a great transition. Yeah, I quit. So what’s the question?

Q. Andy’s Golf & Travel Diary: Just lessons learned from that?

SCOTT McCARRON: You know, lessons learned from that would be when I was getting out of college, my buddies were all turning pro, going to South Africa and playing, Asia. I just didn’t want to do that. I didn’t feel I was good enough. I felt my golf career per se, you know, my lifelong dream to play on the PGA TOUR was over, so I quit. I literally just quit.

I actually just found a picture the other day. I took all my trophies from all my junior golf days, and there were hundreds of them, whatever, and at the time my dad and I started a golf apparel company, so we had this big packing table that we packed shirts on. And I lined them all up, took a picture and I threw them all away, every single one of them. And now I wish I would have kept a few of them, but I literally, at that point the dream was over and I quit.

I didn’t play hardly at all. I only played golf to sell shirts, and I was running some charity events in Sacramento because I had the golf background, but I was doing it to sell 144 shirts and hats and those type of things.

So I played some scramble events 10 times a year for three years and that’s about it. Didn’t play golf hardly at all. Skied. I was flying, got my pilot’s license. Skydiving, kayaking. Started a city flag football team, was playing on two softball teams, playing city basketball, tennis team, traveling, playing racquetball tournaments, open racquetball tournaments.

So I was doing a lot of other things and not playing any golf and it wasn’t until a Champions Tour event at my home course, the Raley’s Senior Gold Rush that I saw four or five guys putting with the long putter. I went home that night, made a long putter, started putting with it.

The next day I called in sick to work, went out and practiced a little bit and I said, I like this. You know, I’m going to have some fun with this. I started playing and I signed up for some amateur tournaments just for fun and started winning them and enjoying it. And almost won at 25 the U.S. Mid Amateur. I think I made the quarterfinals at the U.S. Mid Am and that was it. I came back and told my parents, I said, “I’m done working, I’m going to go play golf for a living,” and that’s what kind of got me back into it.

Obviously a different transition than most guys. I don’t know how many guys on the PGA TOUR played the Mid Am, but again, being away from it as long as I was again gave me an appreciation to when I got back into golf, how much I really did love it.

(Andy Reistetter; Facebook Post with 1 Pic; 8-16-19)

Memories of the 2019 PGA Championship Won by Brooks Koepka at Bethpage Black!

2019 PGA Champion Brooks Koepka now has two PGA and two U.S. Open trophies! Photo Credit: Julio Cortez AP.

2019 PGA Champion Brooks Koepka now has two PGA and two U.S. Open trophies! Photo Credit: Julio Cortez AP.

Bethpage Black was big and beautiful as it hosted its third Major Tournament. Defending champion Brooks Koepka won the championship after leading the tournament by 7 strokes going into the final round after shooting 63-65-70. Tiger Woods won at Bethpage in the 2002 U.S. Open and Lucas Glover won the 2009 edition.

Keopka, now a 4-time Major Champion in 22 starts made it look hard and bogeyed his way on five of the last eight holes to the Wanamaker Trophy. Dustin Johnson, who was one of four players tied for second going into the final round got it as close as one stroke with three to play. DJ finished bogey-bogey-par to a solo second place finish, two strokes behind Koepka. Rob Labritz won a crystal bowl as the leading PGA club professional and finished T60.

The beauty of the par-5 4th hole of Bethpage Black!

The beauty of the par-5 4th hole of Bethpage Black!

Amazed at the incredible beauty of this golf course as I walked around the first nine today! Thinking Tiger will win back-to-back Majors…   (Andy Reistetter; Facebook Post with 30 Pics; Tuesday, 5-14-19).

Well it is PGA Championship time! Go Tiger! Golf course is fantastic even with all this rain! Here are pics from my walk around the second nine! Look whose golf ball I found? I think that it must have rolled out of his golf cart! Enjoy the 2019 PGA Championship any way you can!   (Andy Reistetter; Facebook Post with 30 Pics; Wednesday, 5-15-19).

Enjoy the beauty and challenge of Bethpage Black, the host golf course to the 2019 PGA Championship, in these pictures:

New PGA TOUR Headquarters Underway in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida!

Construction Update: 4-23-19

Construction Update: 4-23-19.

New PGA TOUR Headquarters well underway. Main building starting to emerge from the flatness of the old parking lot! Will have a beautiful live oak entrance! DMV building demolished. Hopefully some road modifications planned and hopefully limited to long turning lanes in and out to handle additional headquarters traffic but also to preserve the rural character of the existing 2-lane Palm Valley Road as it winds its way west towards the Intercoastal Waterway. Gorgeous day for a motorcycle ride! Did the ‘mountain’ route (for Florida that means bridges) and included some pics from the peak!   (Andy Reistetter; Facebook Post with 23 Pics; 4-23-19)

Photo Credit: Foster + Partners

Photo Credit: Foster + Partners

Exciting times with the start of the new PGA TOUR Headquarters in Ponte Vedra Beach! Modern Golf Capital of the World with annual THE PLAYERS Championship, World Golf Hall of Fame nearby & Orlando & the Golf Channel not too far away! Wonder if it will be open by PLAYERS time in March 2019? Tighter window than the construction of the Clubhouse at TPC Sawgrass! Nope, the move to the new headquarters is expected to happen in 2020. Ponte Verda Beach is a great place to live! All renderings courtesy of Foster + Partners   (Andy Reistetter; Facebook Post with 30 Pics; 7-1-18)

Photo Credit: PGA TOUR

Photo Credit: PGA TOUR

Interesting… like the new entrance and the relocation of the maintenance facilities, the relocation of the PGA TOUR headquarters was expected and will enhance the patron experience at THE PLAYERS Championship… surprised to see more residential development but that is consistent with growth in our growing Paradise called Ponte Vedra Beach! I would love to see a central park adjacent to our little Sawgrass Village Town Center… need a wealthy benefactor that would like to see a park named after him…to buy the back nine of the Oak Bridge Club course… way or any which way… PVB is still a nice place to raise a family or a great place to retire! TROML Baby! PS but lights on the practice facility 2 hours before dawn??? Now that is a bit strange. Hey, the PGA TOUR is not the PGA of America Village right off I-95… have to head south to the Frosty line for that!   (Andy Reistetter; Facebook Post with Link; 8-24-17)

PZA recommends approval of PGA Tour’s development applications for new headquarters

2019 Masters Memories: Tiger Woods Wins His 5th Green Jacket & 15th Career Major!

Nothing better than being back at The Masters and hanging out under the old oak tree by the clubhouse!

Nothing better than being back at The Masters and hanging out under the old oak tree by the clubhouse!

The Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday practice rounds and Par-3 Tournament were memorable for a lot of reasons but in the end just a prelude to Tiger’s redemptive win—perhaps the biggest of his amazing career which now stands at 15 Career Majors and 81 PGA TOUR wins!

2019 Masters Monday: Walking the Second Nine at Augusta National Golf Club!

2019 Masters Tuesday: Walking the First Nine at Augusta National Golf Club!

2019 Masters Wednesday: Jack, Gary, & Tom Playing in the Par-3 Contest!

Plus, of course, a memorable night of merriment with the Tourism Ireland folks at the historic Benjamin House!

2019 Masters Thursday: Golf Ireland Party Hosted by Tourism Ireland!

Tiger Woods, 2019 Maters Champion!   Photo Credit: Google Search.

Tiger Woods, 2019 Maters Champion! Photo Credit: Google Search.

I was there at the 2019 Masters to see history being made! Tiger Woods winning his fifth green jacket, 15th career major, and first since the 2008 U.S. Open at Torrey Pines—nearly eleven years ago! I was there to see Tiger making history in 2008 too! In fact, my time on tour beginning back at the 2008 Honda in February 2008 pretty much mirrors Tiger’s Major Timeout Period!

The Comeback of Tiger Woods is legendary, historic and redemptive! There were the crushing lows on and off the golf course. The injuries—overcoming the broken leg and knee injuries that came to a head in 2008 and the back injuries and successive surgeries. The foretelling triumphs—six wins in 2009 including Arnold & Jack’s tournaments—ZERO wins in 2010 and 2011—three wins in 2012 including Arnold’s, Jack’s, and his own tournament—FIVE wins in 2013 including THE PLAYERS Championship and the WGC Bridgestone Invitational –ZERO wins in 2014, 2015, 2016, and 2017—won the Tour Championship at Eastlake in September 2018 amidst a fairway of followers on the par-5 18th fairway—and the first Major of the year, the 2019 Masters Invitational Tournament in April 2019.

Tiger hugging lady, daughter Sam nearby and Andy in blue shirt in background! What a thrill to witness history!   Photo Credit: Unknown.

Tiger hugging lady, daughter Sam nearby and Andy in blue shirt in background! What a thrill to witness history! Photo Credit: Unknown.

Once Jack and Gary hit their ceremonial tee shots first thing Thursday morning, the golfing competition for the 2019 Masters began. As the week progressed, the headlines of the Masters Section of the Augusta Chronicle told the story of the previous day’s round:

Thursday, Round 1:   “Ahead of the Pack;” Bryson DeChambeau who birdied six of the final seven holes and Brooks Koepka who had the only bogey-free round of the day both shot 6-under 66s. Patient Rahm right where he needs to be; shooting a 3-under 69, his best opening round in three Masters appearances. Ian Poulter keeps it all together for a top-five start (4-under 68, T4). Dustin Johnson shot 68, tied for fourth place. Back-nine charge (birdied 4 of the last 6 holes) nets Mickelson 67. Patient Aphibarnrat catches fire late with eagle on No. 13 and back-to-back birdies on Nos 15 and 16; final six holes in 4-under. McIlroy to regroup after 6-bogey round. Patient approach working for Fowler (70, T11). Hovland shoots 72 to lead amateurs. Top-ranked Rose struggles in first round (75). Spieth struggles (75). Day’s back (70). Corey Connors (Monday Qualifier at and Winner of the Valero Texas Open and the last to be invited to play in the Masters) enjoying unexpected appearance (70). Adam Scott shoots opening-round 69. Poor finish (bogeys 3 of final 4 holes) mars Howell’s round. Reed begins defense with 73. Kisner scrambles to stay near top of leaderboard (69). Iron play hurts Mize (77). Justin Harding shines in first round (69). Woods satisfied with his start (70, T11).

Tiger hugging Mom! Andy in the background! Redemption on many, many levels for Tiger! TROML Baby (an exclamation of JOY)!   Photo Credit: Unknown.

Tiger hugging Mom! Andy in the background! Redemption on many, many levels for Tiger! TROML Baby (an exclamation of JOY)! Photo Credit: Unknown.

Friday, Round 2:   “One Slammed Leaderboard;” Five Major Winners share top spot at 7-under (Brooks Koepka, Jason Day, Louis Oosthuizen, Francesco Molinari, and Adam Scott) share top spot, with Tiger close behind (one stroke). Koepka rights the ship late (66-71). Day bounces back, grabs share of lead (70-67). Oosthuizen shoots 66 with hot putter to grab tie for lead (71-66). Molinari makes move in bogey-free round (70-67). Scott hopes to stay consistent (69-68). Woods one shot from top (70-68).

NIKE Dad Tiger & NIKE Son Charlie celebrating his 5th Masters Win! Andy in the background!   Photo Credit: Unknown.

NIKE Dad Tiger & NIKE Son Charlie celebrating his 5th Masters Win! Andy in the background! Photo Credit: Unknown.

Harding in the hunt at 6-under (69-69). Poulter stays in striking distance (68-71). Mickelson chases victory, history (oldest winner of major). Rahm nears top of leaderboard at 5-under (69-70). Schauffele roars for tourney-best 65 (73-65). Zach Johnson’s miscue (hit ball with driver while taking a practice swing on the 13th tee) worth a good laugh. McIlroy seven back of leaders. Top-ranked Rose misses cut for first time.  Woosnam calls it quits- again. Four amateurs (Takumi Kanaya, Viktor Howland, Alvaro Ortiz, and Devon Bling) make the cut. Past champion Langer makes weekend again. Friday frustrating for DeChambeau (66-75). Spieth rebounds from rough start in Round 2 (75-68). 1987 champ Mize misses cut. Howell cards best round at Masters (73-67). Reed gains ground Friday (73-70). After a wild round, Kisner still in hunt (69-73).

Saturday, Round 3:   “Molinari (-13, 70-67-66) stays the course,” British Open champ leads Woods (-11), Finau (-11). Trio of 64s make history—Stellar Saturday puts Webb Simpson in contention (-9, 72-71-64)—Finau in final group after record-tying 30 on front nine (-11, 71-70-64)—Cantlay nearly ties tournament record (-6, 73-73-64).  Woods in hunt for fifth Masters (70-68-67). Even after all this time, Tiger’s vibe draws patrons.

Tiger Woods eagles the 18th on Saturday at Torrey Pines in the 2008 U.S. Open. Andy in background with arms raised for 'Victory!" Tiger would birdie the 18th on Sunday to force a playoff, birdie it in the Monday 18-hole playoff to force sudden death and  then par the 7th, the next playoff hole to WIN!   Photo Credit: Unknown.

Tiger Woods eagles the 18th on Saturday at Torrey Pines in the 2008 U.S. Open. Andy in background with arms raised for ‘Victory!” Tiger would birdie the 18th on Sunday to force a playoff, birdie it in the Monday 18-hole playoff to force sudden death and then par the 7th, the next playoff hole to WIN! Photo Credit: Unknown.

Dustin Johnson is still lurking (-8, 68-70-70). Ian Poulter keeps himself in mix (-9, 68-71-68). Kuchar rallies with back nine birdie streak (-8, 71-69-68). Rookie Harding hangs on (-8, 69-69-70). ‘Hiccups’ hurt Schauffele in 70 (-8, 73-65-70). Day (-6, 70-67-73), Scott (-7, 69-68-72) can’t get moving. Fowler patient, but must start fast today to stay in contention (-7, 70-71-68). Rahm loses ground with Saturday 71 (-6, 69-70-71). Mickelson laments missed opportunity (-6, 67-73-70). Oosthuizen slips, stays in hunt (-8, 71, 66-71). Koepka has shot at another major (-10, 66-71-69). Looks like a no-go on repeat for Reed (+1, 73-70-74). Cold putter costs Howell (E, 73-67-976). Kisner loses ground in third (-2, 69-73-72).

Amateurs: Hovland still learning course (-2, 72-71-71)—Aggressive style pays off for Kanaya (-1, 73-74-68)—Ortiz goes through up-and-down round (+1, 73-71-73)—Bling shoots his best round yet (+2, 74-73-71).

Weather moves up tee times for final round. Players will go off both No. 1 and No. 10 tees in threesomes. The first groups will go off at 7:30 am, and the leaders will tee off at 9:20.

Hello from Founders Circle in front of the Clubhouse at Augusta National!

Hello from Founders Circle in front of the Clubhouse at Augusta National!

Happy Masters Sunday! WOW, what an exciting Masters! Wet Monday & Tuesday practice rounds; a sunny day on Wednesday for the Par-3 Contest; Koepka & DeChambeau opening 66s on Thursday; Schauffele’s 65 was the low round on Friday but still was one stroke shy of the record 5-way tie for the lead after 36 holes at 7-under between Oosthuizen, Molinari, DJ, Scott, & Day. Tiger’s 70-68 start had him at 6-under as well. There was a late half-hour weather delay but everybody finished. Saturday brought a record three 64s by Cantlay (T14), Simpson (T5), & Tony Finau (T2) though Molinari (66) leads Finau and Tiger (67) by two strokes at 11-under going into Masters Sunday. A memorable Masters finish is already guaranteed with golfers going out in pairings of three off both the first & tenth tees starting at 7:30 am to beat approaching severe weather! Let’s hope we beat it with good wishes for all golfers to play their best! Who will win the 2019 Masters? My hope is Tiger Woods! How about you?   (Andy Reistetter; Facebook Post; Saturday, 4-13-19)

Sunday, Final Round: “Hear Him Roaring!”

Final Group off No. 1 at 9:20 am: Francesco Molinari (-13); Tony Finau (-11); and Tiger Woods (-11).

Penultimate Group off No. 1 at 9:09: Brooks Koepka (-10); Webb Simpson (-9); and Ian Poulter (-9).

DeChambeau aces the par-3 16th hole; his first-ever hole-in-one! Molinari going for a record-tying 50th consecutive non-bogey hole, bogeys the 7th and Tiger birdies for a 2-stroke swing to get within one stroke of Molinari. Both birdie the par-5 8th hole.

Sunday Second Nine where The Masters begins… and ends!

Tiger bogeys No. 10; falls two strokes behind.

Poulter (-7/12) and Koepka (-9/12) in the group ahead both find water and double bogey the par-3 12th hole. Koepka recovers with an eagle on No. 13.

Molinari (-11/12) and Finau (-8/12) playing with Tiger both find water and double bogey the par-3 12th hole. Tiger pars and is at even par for the round and is at 11-under same as Koepka after his eagle on No. 13.

Finau would birdie three of his last six holes and finish at 11-under in a four-way tie for fifth with Molinari, Jason Day and Webb Simpson.

Jon Rahm nearly aces the par-3 16th hole, then his playing partner Justin Thomas does!

Cantlay, the low am in 2012, eagles the 15th to lead the Masters at -12 through 15 holes.

Schauffele birdies 13 and 14 to tie Cantlay at 12-under.

Cantlay, who was 9 strokes back going into the weekend, bogeys the 16th , bogeys the  17th and pars the 18th to shoot a Sunday 68 and finish T9 at 10-under par.

Molinari and Woods birdie the par-5 13th hole to get in a 3-way tie for the lead with Schauffele who fails to birdie the par-5 15th hole and settles for a par.

It was at this point that I realized the gum-chewing, red mock turtleneck, vintage his Masters win in 2005 was going to win his fifth Masters!

Jason Day birdies the home hole to post 11-under and becomes the new clubhouse leader.

Dustin Johnson birdies the 17th to get to 12-under.

Now there are five golfers tied at 12-under: Woods, Molinari, Koepka, Schauffele and DJ.

Schauffele makes a 7-footer for par on the 16th and pars the 17th and 18th to finish at 12-under and tied for second with DJ (who pars the 18th) and Koepka (who finished with all pars except a birdie on the 15th after his eagle on the 13th).

Woods reaches the par-5 15th in two swings and two putts from 40-feet for a birdie and the lead at 13-under.

Molinari also finds water and double bogeys the 15th, the other par-5 on Augusta National’s second nine; after clipping a tree limb with his approach to the green. He would shot a Sunday 74 and finish T5.

Tiger nearly aces the 16th and taps in for a deuce and a two-stroke lead with two holes to play and nobody behind him with more holes to play than he.

The 14-time Major Champion and 80-time winner on the PGA TOUR pars the 17th and takes his two stroke lead to the 18th tee. His drive is right on 18 and he fans an 8-iron short right; chips up and two putts for the safe bogey and Masters Win!

Though tied for 47th in fairways hit (67%), Tiger was No. 1 in greens hit in regulation for the final round and for the week at Augusta National.

His 14-year gap between Masters Wins surpasses Jack’s 11 years previous record.

Tiger wins his first major after trailing after 54 holes.

Watch out for Tiger—he is back, completely back and ROARING!

2008 PLAYERS: Tiger Woods Admits Jack Nicklaus Forever Better than Me

But remember he once said Jack is the all-time best but that was said a long time ago…

Congratulations Tiger Woods on winning your 5th Masters, 15th Career Major, and the Presidential Medal of Freedom!


Donald J. Trump @realDonaldTrump

Spoke to @TigerWoods to congratulate him on the great victory he had in yesterday’s @TheMasters, & to inform him that because of his incredible Success & Comeback in Sports (Golf) and, more importantly, LIFE, I will be presenting him with the PRESIDENTIAL MEDAL OF FREEDOM!   1:35 PM – Apr 15, 2019


Andy Reistetter is feeling blissful at Augusta National Golf Club.

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What a Masters! Congratulations Tiger Woods! Exciting, riveting, & historic!


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Tom Brewster Funny I was watching you as it was happening. This was definitely one of your Forrest Gump moments.

Karen K Hayt So so HAPPY ❤️❤️

Scott Robbins You show up in all the good places!

April Ann Wow

Kim Hastert Love IT

John Henebry Wow ! Andy and you got to be there !! How great was that??

John Henebry Forest Gump

Sam Keiffer Thought I saw you

Monica Glickman Wow, thanks for sharing!

Andrea Reistetter Harris

Andy Reistetter Tiger’s last major win, 2008 US Open at Torrey Pines and yours truly, Forest Gump of Golf, was there too!

Matthew Cyberski I thought that was you! Amazing you were that close to sports history of the games living legend!

Kim Hastert Awesome sauce with a cherry on top.
I just realized that you are just in the picture Andy Reistetter
Bonus cool points.


Peter Harris Andy…….You Witnessed Sports History……REALLY SPECIAL…..

Marie Lyon Carney The sound of silence and them came the roars and cheers! So happy for you that you got to be there.

Leslie Hale Weed I immediately recognized You Andy Reistetter!
Wow! Awesome!! ⛳️

Susie O’Dell I met his mom on a Mother’s Day at TPC Sawgrass. She was sitting under a tree reading a book waiting on Tiger. I complimented her shoes and then realized who she was. Very pleasant. I told her I too was waiting for her son.

April Ann I used to hike at Torrey Pines to the beach.

Nick Brewster Photo bomber!

Corry Schiermeyer I saw you while watching on TV. How exciting and awesome!

Keith Chesk and you want to be at Ely when your at the masters!!! lol

Andy Reistetter Keith Chesk Oh no, have to be at Augusta National for The Masters! Love Ely Park for its spectacular views, sporty design, tasty spiedie salads but its only social golf!

Joanne Reistetter Ehrlich Andy, I had to share this great pic.

Pat Wilson Hi Andy I saw you whilst watching it live here in Australia. I got pretty stoked.
Good stuff mate
⛳️ ⛳️


Edward M. Reistetter How come you did not get a Tiger hug? LOL!

Andy Reistetter Good catch Malinda Schindler! Thanks for sharing!

Javier Cabanellas

Lisa Bennett-Fish

Katherine Deen Way I sent you a few screen shots last night of this. Did you get them? They are good!

Andy Reistetter Right on Melissa Teske from someone who knows LA Baby!

Andy Reistetter Woo Hoo Tiger did it Michelle Perski! I am following, yes I am! TROML Baby (an exclamation of JOY)!!!

Andy Reistetter See you soon Joan E.Davis! Great commentary! Someone should give you a microphone!

Nancy Reistetter Ryan That’s my cousin Andy is blue

Andrea Reistetter Harris awesome Andy Reistetter!

Nancy Reistetter Ryan I even saw you when they televised this moment
Wow were you close!!!!!!


2019 Masters Wednesday: Jack, Gary, & Tom Playing in the Par-3 Contest!

Special Moment today at the Par-3 Contest! Jack Nicklaus tee shot on the 5th hits the flagstick! I was more interested in watching Jack’s swing! Still has it at age 79! Playing with Gary Player & Tom Watson! Love the camaraderie of golf!   (Andy Reistetter; Facebook Post with 1 Video; Wednesday, 4/10/19)

CLICK HERE for Video of Jack Nicklaus hitting the Flagstick!

Wednesday is Par-3 Contest day with players and their families participating! Fun day, Masters competition starts tomorrow!   (Andy Reistetter; Facebook Post with 40 Pics; Wednesday, 4/10/19)

Thanks for all the Facebook Comments—they are included below the Photo Gallery!


Peter Benn it is the only game that lasts a lifetime mate

Marc Belsher I so wish Cora and I were there!!!

Steve Hannaford Enjoyed my Monday there, special place!

Sue Allen “Ladies and Gentleman, the 2019 Masters Golf Tournament is finally underway!







2019 Masters Tuesday: Walking the First Nine at Augusta National Golf Club!

Another beautiful day at Augusta National Golf Club! A weather delay in the middle but able to walk the first nine and see the newly upgraded 5th hole (new tee 40 yards longer; repositioned fairway bunkers and more receptive green). Nothing like The Masters Tournament to fell Springtime inside and outside! (Andy Reistetter; Facebook Post with 35 Pics; Tuesday 4/9/19)

Thanks for all the Facebook Comments—they are included below the Photo Gallery!

BJ Smyth Great pictures Andy!!

Peter Benn are you using your fone or a camera ?

Jeff Hughes Jr. I’ll be over on the driving range near the putting green again….stop by

Valerie Tidwell Beautiful Andy…enjoy!

2019 Masters Monday: Walking the Second Nine at Augusta National Golf Club!

Always beautiful, always serene, always feels like the very first time here, blessed to walk Augusta National today! Mainly walked the second nine before a storm came in & closed the course around 3:30 pm. Happy Masters!   (Andy Reistetter, Facebook Post with 30 Pics, Monday 4-8-19)

Thanks for all the Facebook Comments—they are included below the Photo Gallery!

Peter Benn have a fantastic time mate

Phil Lago Enjoy!

Delia Guerrero Nava On my way. Maybe I’ll see you!

Bettyann Procter Harlow We had such a nice time last year Andy, miss you a lot

Lissa Marchette Rothstein Have a great time. I’m sure Frosty is smiling 

Lisa Bennett-Fish Very nice Andy Reistetter!

Terry Anderson Lucky dog!

Rick Bell Sorry we missed you! Walked all 18. Great day!!!

Muffy Jennings See you Wednesday.

Katherine Deen Way See you Thursday!

Jason LeBlanc My hero

Jeff Hughes Jr. Come say hello…I’ll be working security near the driving range all week

Mary Eaton Rhodes We were there last year. It’s amazing!

Tracy Dantzscher Underwood Enjoy it!

Joan E.Davis keep the pictures coming…..awesome!!!!!

Donna Papas Simons Beautiful, enjoy your time there.

Tim Crosby Nice to see the dogwoods and azaleas blooming like they did when I was a kid!

Nadia Allem Are you there all week?

Kim Hastert There in spirit

Pamela Haugner Sky looks as bad there as here!

Kathleen Wolfe BEAUTIFUL ANDY A great place to be, have fun!

Keith Chesk see, thank got you are not at Ely now!

Debra Cottrell Looks beautiful…wish I could be there…Enjoy!

Marimoraes Moraes Felicidades amigo♥️

Sharon Young DiPasquale We’ll be up there Friday. I hope we can see you.

Paula Scott LOVE LOVE THIS!!! ❤️❤️❤️

Jim Maggiore So, who do you think will be wearing the green jacket this Sunday?

Dan DeMuth Thanks Andy great pics, 🙂 I always enjoy attending the masters was unable to make it this year based on being in Arizona for so long. Nancy Lopez Was sponsored by a company out of my home town and Saint cloud Minnesota at the time when I was a kid great memories. I caddie for her back then and she had so many good insights. 🙂

Tom Lamphere I was there on Monday!!!!

Calvin Kong Zhi Xian when can have a golf game with you at Augusta?



2019 DSGO: Jack Nicklaus heading to Greater Binghamton for the First Time Ever!

DSGO PromoPJ, Lopez, Annika, & now the Golden Bear himself, Mr. Nicklaus is coming to the 2019 Dick’s Sporting Goods Open in my hometown of Binghamton, NY! Congratulations John Karedes, David Pessagno, et all for landing the BIGGEST name in golf! Keith Urban performing on Friday night too! Over the top! Word on the street is Jack is working with Barry Goldstein & may actually compete in the Champions DSGO event? Or it may just be the great fishing in the Susquehanna River? April 2nd, this is for real! Soooo excited! The Golden Bear returns to the Valley of Opportunity, aka the Valley of Spiritual Growth!   (Andy Reistetter; Facebook Post with DSGO Link; 4/2/19)

Jack Nicklaus receives the PGA TOUR’s Lifetime Achievement Award at the 2008 PLAYERS Championship while Tiger Woods Admits Nicklaus is “Forever Better than Me.”

Jack at the 2008 PLAYERS Championship!

Jack at the 2008 PLAYERS Championship!

That was the closest I ever got to Jack Nicklaus. No picture but I did get the program autographed. Historical Moment for two reasons: Jack is honored with the prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award of the PGA TOUR and Tiger admits in writing that Jack will always be “Forever Better than Me!”

The 2019 Friday Night Concert is Keith Urban!


CLICK here for tickets and more information!

Facebook Comments:

Barry Goldstein  Greatest of all time Jack ❤

Andy Reistetter Barry Goldstein Yeah! Understand that you can’t comment! Be a great story… from Parkside to Greenside; life & golf!

Barry Goldstein He’s as good a human being as he was a player.

Lisa Bennett-Fish Fantastic!

Pete Kinney Awesome news! May have to make the trip up.
He never played in the B.C., despite promising Alex, (many times), that he would. I was privileged to hear one of those conversations, at the 1980 PGA, in Rochester. Not the Bear’s fault, as no player had more of a limited schedule, (due to putting his family, before his career), which is very admirable, for sure.

Christine Pavlisak Wow,my favorite!

Andy Reistetter The DICK’S Sporting Goods Open along with UHS and Dr. Bai Lee are thrilled to announce the Honorary Host for the 2019 UHS Golf Expo will be World Golf Hall of Fame Member !⛳️

This will be the 18-time Major Champion’s first visit to Endicott!

Joan E.Davis I WILL BE THERE!!!!!


Memories of the 2019 Valspar at Innisbrook Won by Defending Champion Paul Casey!

Memories of the 2019 Valspar Championship at Innisbrook Won by Defending Champion Paul Casey!

2018 Left; 2019 Right! Photo Credit: Google Search/Getty Images.

2018 Left; 2019 Right! Photo Credit: Google Search/Getty Images.

It’s been a long road back for Paul Casey and a colorful one at that! In the year of 2009 Paul Casey won for the first time on the US PGA TOUR and reached his highest Official World Golf Ranking (OWGR)—third! With 13 European Tour wins from 2001 to 2014 nine came before the 2009 Shell Houston Open victory and five afterwards.

Casey lost twice in playoffs in 2015 on the PGA TOUR and remained dormant until the rejuvenated breakthrough win at the 2018 Valspar Championship.

Now his third PGA TOUR victory and OWGR No. 11!

The par-4 18th on Copperhead; sometimes an easy birdie; sometimes an easy bogey; always a difficult par to win!

The par-4 18th on Copperhead; sometimes an easy birdie; sometimes an easy bogey; always a difficult par to win!

A courageous one at that closing with a Sunday 1-over par 72 to beat Louis Oosthuizen (69) and Jason Kokrak (71) by one stroke. Oosthuizen was in the clubhouse at 7-under par. Kokrak finished with a bogey after driving so wide right he was right of the bunkers. With a wedge in his hand he failed to reach the green and then failed to get it up-and-down. Casey had a 3-putt bogeyed on the 17th and looked to be headed to another on the 18th when he drove into a deep bunker. But he responded with a gallant shot reaching the green and 2-putting for a par and victory!

The Valspar Championship is a colorful one, on and off the golf course!

The Valspar Championship is a colorful one, on and off the golf course!

The Copperhead Course at the Salamander Innisbrook Resort is a great test of golf and with firm and fast conditions and some wind played quite difficult the entire week. Another testament to Casey’s brilliance this week was World No. 1 Dustin Johnson’s final round 74 while paired with Casey.

So good to be back at the Valspar Championship for the first time since the 2008 PODS Championship won by Sean O’Hair. But I have been to the Salamander Innisbrook Resort several times in between to tee it up on the Copperhead Course. In 2018 I played all four courses!

America’s Best Golf Resort: Innisbrook a Salamander Resort near Tampa, FL!

Note the 36 on the back nine of the Copperhead Course!

Who’s behind the awesome Salamander Innisbrook Resort and hostess to the Valspar Championship?

Lady Trump Outshines Donald in FLA.

Ms. Sheila Johnson is!

Don’t disregard Mr. Paul Casey at the season’s first Major Championship—The Masters in two weeks’ time. His last four finishes there in the last four years, chronologically—T6—T4—6th—T15.

Tribute to the great golf course architect Lawrence Packard, an Innisbrook Legend!

Tribute to the great golf course architect Lawrence Packard, an Innisbrook Legend!

An absolutely spectacular day for Round 3 of the Valspar Championship at Innisbrook, A Salamander Golf & Spa Resort! Paul Casey (68), DJ (67), Jason Kokrak (66), & Jim Furyk (68) made moos on Chick-fil-A’s Mooving Saturday! Thirteen players within 5 strokes of leader Paul Casey who is at minus-9! Tough but fair championship course is Copperhead! Likely a Sunday Shootout & maybe a Playoff too! I was last here in 2008 on my original Florida Swing. My oh my has this tournament grown into something truly special! Had the feel of a Players Saturday today! Hats off to Sheila Johnson, Copperhead Charities, & the tournament staff & volunteers!   (Andy Reistetter; 3/23/19; Facebook Post with 30 Pics)




On Course Reporter Jane Crafter in her element and out of the snow in Arizona!

On Course Reporter Jane Crafter in her element and out of the snow in Arizona!

Out of the snow in Arizona… into the Florida sunshine… one of the best in the golf broadcasting business… good to see Jane Crafter out there with the Jon Rahm/Rory Sabbatini pairing this afternoon at the Innisbrook, A Salamander Golf & Spa Resort!   (Andy Reistetter; 3/23/19; Facebook Post with 30 Pics)


Memories of the 2019 PLAYERS Championship Won by Rory McIlroy!

Memories of the 2019 PLAYERS Championship Won by Rory McIlroy!

Rory McIlroy, 2019 PLAYERS Champion! Photo Credit: Google Search

Rory McIlroy, 2019 PLAYERS Champion! Photo Credit: Google Search

A memorable Sunday at the PLAYERS!

First, another inspirational FCA Chapel Service!

2019 PLAYERS: FCA Sunday Chapel Service with Justin Hueber & The Jason Lovins Band!

Second, immediately following the first, an ACE at the par-3 17th by yours truly! The replicate par-3 17th that is! Not the full 136 yards, more like 13 yards or 40 feet. But it went IN!!!

Third, what an amazing finish with Rory strong and steady to win by one stroke over local favorite Jim Furyk!

What an exciting morning out at TPC Sawgrass and then an exciting afternoon watching the drama play out on TV!

Tiger Woods, 2-time PLAYERS Champion!

Tiger Woods, 2-time PLAYERS Champion!

Even though Tiger Woods was out of it, his Sunday 69 moved him up 13 spots to a T30 finish. His gallery with playing partner Matthew Fitzpatrick (71, T41) was huge and moved through the Stadium Course with good cheer. Tiger birdied 4 of his first 11 holes; 7 of his last 18 going back to Saturday’s Round 3 but it was the quadruple bogey 7 on the par-3 island green 17th in Round 2 that came between Tiger and his third PLAYERS win to tie Jack Nicklaus!

Jon Rahm, hot off his Saturday 64, was leading heading into the back nine at 14-under par with Jim Furyk who was 5 groups ahead and through the 12th hole. Rory birdies No. 11 to get to that 14-under mark.

The picturesque 11th doomed the fate of Rahm & Fleetwood in the 2019 PLAYERS!

The picturesque 11th doomed the fate of Rahm & Fleetwood in the 2019 PLAYERS!

Tommy Fleetwood, Rahm’s playing partner in the final pairing, unexpectedly hits his second shot into the water at the par-5 11th hole. A petulant Rahm, after not heeding the advice of his caddie, tries to him the miracle hook down wind that does hook and winds up in the water too. Rahm was pretty much done for the day at that point. Fleetwood later eagles the par-5 16th hole to get back to the 14-under mark and has a chance until he finds water on the 17th. And this time Rahm follows him into the drink! A ‘do-see-do’ dance that favors no one!

Earlier Eddie Pepperell birdies the 17th and there is a 4-way tie at 14-under until the scores above at No. 11 are posted. Furyk bogeys the 15th missing a 3-footer for par. Now it’s only Rory & Eddie leading at 14-under.

Rory drains a 20-footer for birdie at the short par-4 12th after a poor chip while Pepperell pars the 18th for a Sunday 66 and is the clubhouse leader at 14-under. Now Rory and Furyk know what the number to win is!

Another memorable PLAYERS Championship at TPC Sawgrass!

Another memorable PLAYERS Championship at TPC Sawgrass!

Johnny Vegas, defying the Vegas odds makes a bomb of 72 feet on the tiny 17th green which is indeed better than most and the longest putt made to date on the island! Vegas also pars the 18th, posts a Sunday 66 to tie Pepperell in the clubhouse at 14-under.

Furyk birdies the 16th, a hole that he has markedly has never eagled, to get back to 14-under while Rahm does the same with a deuce at the 13th.

Rory does not get it up-and down from the players-left greenside bunker, a difficult shot, for par at the 14th and falls into a 5-way tie at 14-under with two of those scores in the clubhouse!

Furyk burns the right edge with a 15-footer for deuce at the 17th but gets the birdie he needs (and needed to make a playoff with Kaymer in 2014) to post 15-under in the clubhouse after a solid Sunday 67.

Rory’s heroic shot to win comes from the right bunker on the par-4 15th and then he makes the 12-footer to get back to 15-under and a tie with Furyk. Then it comes down to power golf, Rory power, with only a 9-iron second shot into the par-5 15th he gets the birdie he needs and the two pars coming home to win his first PLAYERS Championship!

The new walkway from the Nicklaus Gate, evidence of the new era of PGA TOUR Chairman Jay Monahan!

The new walkway from the Nicklaus Gate, evidence of the new era of PGA TOUR Chairman Jay Monahan!

Congrats Rory! Great job Furyk, double Sawgrass SPLASHES for Rahm & Fleetwood on 11 & 17! Great fun & entertainment is the 2019 THE PLAYERS Championship!   (Andy Reistetter; 3/18/19; Facebook Post with 30 Pics)

LOL, aced the replica 17th hole this morning after attending the 7 am Chapel Service! Two balls; sleeve of balls if hit both on the green; skulled the first, literally said & was heard ‘might as well make this one;’ took dead aim with 52 degree wedge, landed softly & it went in sideways as shown on the end of this video of my new friend Curtis & his father Rich! Happy Players, Happy Andy! TROML Baby!!!   (Andy Reistetter; 3/17/19; Facebook Posts with 8 Pics)

Always, always, always a memorable PLAYERS Championship but this year with my friend Sir Walter, my ace at the 17th, and Rory roaring to victory was extra special!

Always, always, always a memorable PLAYERS Championship but this year with my friend Sir Walter, my ace at the 17th, and Rory roaring to victory was extra special!

Awesome THE PLAYERS Championship in progress! Enjoyed being out there this week with my good friend Sir Walter & watching the NBC/Golf Channel broadcast! Impressive Jon Rahm leading after 3 rounds. Rory & Fleetwood are one stroke back; then Day & Ancer; then a group of six golfers 5 strokes back including local favorite Jim Furyk! A Sunday 65 just might do it for Furyk! Going to be a great PLAYERS Championship Sunday and it all will start with an inspirational 7 am Chapel Service inside the PLAYERS Welcome Center inside the new & updated Nicklaus Gate. Hope to see you out there! TROML Baby!   (Andy Reistetter; 3/16/19; Facebook Post with 30 Pics)

Thursday Round 1 at the PLAYERS! In the Stadium on the Stadium Course! Happy PLAYERS!   (Andy Reistetter; 3/14/19; Facebook Post with Panoramic Pic)