2019 Masters Wednesday: Jack, Gary, & Tom Playing in the Par-3 Contest!

Special Moment today at the Par-3 Contest! Jack Nicklaus tee shot on the 5th hits the flagstick! I was more interested in watching Jack’s swing! Still has it at age 79! Playing with Gary Player & Tom Watson! Love the camaraderie of golf!   (Andy Reistetter; Facebook Post with 1 Video; Wednesday, 4/10/19)

CLICK HERE for Video of Jack Nicklaus hitting the Flagstick!

Wednesday is Par-3 Contest day with players and their families participating! Fun day, Masters competition starts tomorrow!   (Andy Reistetter; Facebook Post with 40 Pics; Wednesday, 4/10/19)

Thanks for all the Facebook Comments—they are included below the Photo Gallery!


Peter Benn it is the only game that lasts a lifetime mate

Marc Belsher I so wish Cora and I were there!!!

Steve Hannaford Enjoyed my Monday there, special place!

Sue Allen “Ladies and Gentleman, the 2019 Masters Golf Tournament is finally underway!