Charlie Epps, Houston’s Preeminent Golf Professional

I spent the last two days interviewing Charlie Epps, also known as "The Golf Doctor" and the longtime coach, friend and trainer of two-time major champion Angel Cabrera. Charlie is a fascinating, generous and endearing sort of guy and I can easily see why he is such teaching golf professional and coach that can help professional golfers to the highest level. I realized that as the "Journey to Olympic Golf" goes through Mexico, Central & South America there is only one World Golf Hall of Famer on the way- Argentina's Roberto De Vicenzo. He was Charlie's idol as he himself grew up in Argentina from age nine to twenty-one. Cabrera is likely to be the second Hall of Famer from Argentina. Interestingly, Charlie did a similar road trip to the "Journey to Olympic Golf," driving from Oakland, California to Buenos Aires, Argentina with some friends in 1967. Here is a video interview I did with Charlie at Redstone More videos, pictures, & posts coming... what would you like me to write about?  

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