Club de Golf Mexico (Golf Club of Mexico)

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Translated from website of Club de Golf Mexico

Miguel Aleman , president of Mexico in the six years 1946-1952 it was a visionary leader and a great promoter of countless projects to transform Mexico into a country completely transformed , modern to have a positive attitude towards everything that smacked of progress and development.The candidate’s rising political career soon crystallized German hopes about him were very young to think of it as ” the best politician veracruzano of history” . The work of German as president is extremely important to the history of Mexico in both the industrial and the agricultural , energy , communications and transport , etc. .

This administration was characterized as a time of peace , tranquility and jobs . Many of the most important companies in the country were founded in this period , and arises purely Mexican business class , since so far the companies in Mexico had a strong foreign influence .  Companies and government worked then as a team , had to work together and make efforts were concurrent , both wanted the same thing: rapid development, sufficient jobs and thriving businesses . Many works , construction projects and actions were made ​​at this time by the German president and his associates , emblematic case is the construction of University City south of Mexico City .
Nationalism was one of the typical features of office of Miguel Aleman in front of the president of Mexico , in this it has the national golf organization . There was a Golf Association in 1926 , which was run by foreigners. German president urged the modification of that organization so that it be given the status of an official National . This will make the Mexican Association of Golf , AC With this partnership comes the idea of ​​building the best golf courses in the country : MEXICO GOLF CLUB . To which, the then president surrounds himself with knowledgeable people to support the new draft of the new club. A man Percy Clifford , outstanding amateur golf in Mexico , was in charge of finding the ideal terrain and jump-start the work.

Percy has in his testimony in 1933 , he had begun to conceive the idea of creating a world-class field in national territory ; twenty five years later would come true this illusion of youth. The site chosen should have certain requirements : between 55 and 60 hectares, water availability, soil environment, suitable topography , etc. . , The search for such a place was more than five months , by which time the frustration of not locate came to torment the excited Percy .  The territory where research had extended from Dairy to Milpa Alta and from Rio Hondo to Santa Barbara. One day after returning from a trip to Xochimilco attention stopped in a field near the town of Huipulco , south of Mexico City , called The Cedral .
Once aware of the happy discovery , President Aleman issued the necessary guidelines to crystallize the project elected to purchase the land and get the necessary human support in the form of financial assistance and convening power to support and promote the creation of the club , and so carry out its construction and development; these supports were found in close aides to the President and the private sector.

Fortunately the ground amply fulfilled the necessary requirements for a golf excellence : topographic , soil , river , water supply , flora and panoramic factors . He was in a gentle valley between two hills , below was a rocky territory and duly planted some corn plots . Formerly was located within the grounds of the Hacienda de San Buenaventura , in an area called “Los Arenales ” , as it was covered by volcanic sand , eventually rocky , volcanic soil of the golf course helped to prevent disastrous floods in the rainy season .

Another important detail for the course was the existence of a small river with water throughout the year across the field , called San Buenaventura , which flowed a smaller one , called The Name of God , forming both a ” T ” . Lawrence Hughes , golf course architect States was called to head the project , arriving first thing he did was to recommend the acquisition of wooded countryside along with everything Cedral chosen field , and the sign arises distintio club shield , two old cedars with view of Iztaccihuatl in the background.
This Forest with pine trees over 150 years old is one of the main assets and pride of the club members. The view surrounding the field was no slouch: Ajusco the hill and saw the hills of La Cruz and volcanoes in the distance of Anahuac. Hughes designed and built the advantage to perfection field elements that nature provided: rivers have varying difficulty the players, the cedar forest grants a pleasant view and friendly, in addition to its importance in the path of each hole , the contours of the valley and the undulating terrain same.
The construction of the field was costly, both for the vastness of the area (760 thousand square meters, approximately) is needed to cover the entire land with fertile topsoil to plant grass. There are newspaper reports of the time talking of beauty achieved with the construction of this work.
In 1952 , when the course was finished dimensions were of 74.4 hectares ( 760.000 meters approximately ) and 25 hectares for fractionation , with approximately 15,000 cedar trees ( various species have been planted since that time : cedars , cypresses , pines , ash , Ahiles , among others) .

Currently the club has been given the task of keeping active the forest by planting new trees of various species and the rivers that run through the golf course , and the course has three artificial lakes of treated water for irrigation and equipped with aerators to ” oxygenate ” water and as an ornamental to also function as sources in the middle of the field , other golf items that are important to mention are: lawn ” Bent grass” for areas of greens and type ” Kikuyu ” for fairways and tees , 55 bunkers silica , two ” putting green ” to practice putting , 18 alternative greens , an executive golf course with 18 holes par 3 and two miles of track runners into the forest ” Cedral ” .

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