JTOG Day 45: Connie & Ernesto Cantu

Thoughts of two inspiring people and one eco-friendly place… Connie Cantu & Ernesto Cantu… at Hostel Ulaf Tasica in Matagalpa, Nicaragua…   (Facebook Link, Andy Reistetter, 12/17/13)

Connie & Ernesto Cantu

Les compartimos esta nota que escribió Andy Reistetter, periodista y golfista, que se encuentra en un viaje hacia Río de Janeiro para celebrar la inclusión del golf en las olimpiadas 2016 y para recaudar fondos para obras de beneficiencia. Hace unas semanas tuvo la oportunidad de pasar por Matagalpa y conocer el hostal:

Connie y Ernesto son grandes amigos. Decidieron venirse desde Texas a vivir a Matagalpa y se hospedaron en el Hostal Ulap Yasica mientras encontraban una casa en la ciudad. Fue un placer haberlos recibido!
Thanks Andy! we wish you the best in your journey!

I share this note he wrote Andy Reistetter, journalist and golfer, which is located in a trip to Rio de Janeiro to celebrate the inclusion of golf in the Olympics 2016 and to raise funds for works of charity. A few weeks ago, he had the opportunity to go through matagalpa and meet the hostel:

Connie and Ernesto are great friends. They decided to come all the way from Texas to live in matagalpa and stayed in the Hostal Ulap Yasica while they found a house in the city. It was a pleasure to have received!

Thanks Andy! we wish you the best in your journey!

Translated from Spanish

(Facebook Share, Ulap Yasica via Hostal Ulap Yasica, 12/18/13)

Andy, it was wonderful having you in our home. Your first time in Nicaragua and our first house guest here; it was meant to be. We wish you all the best in your Journey to Olympic Golf! For those of my friends who love golf and/or travel, please check out Andy’s website. He is on an epic roadtrip from St. Louis, MO (where golf was last played in the Olympics in 1904 to Rio de Janerio, Brazil (where golf will again be an olympic sport in 2016). He is doing this for a great charity and would welcome your support (in spirit or in the bank)! Here’s his website:   http://www.journeytoolympicgolf.com/    (Facebook Post, Connie Cantu, 11/24/13)