Day 1: Leaving JFK; Arriving GIG; Rio de Janiero for the 2016 Summer Olympics!

16Made it to Rio! Nice flight, definitely an Olympic buzz upon arrival! Passed on Claro, went with Exactta SIM for $72US, unlimited data for 30 days… after bathroom cleanup heading to Botafogo to pick up my Olympic Golf tickets… as TROML luck would have it my airbnb host is a professor at the nearby National University & is going to give me a ride out to Barra da Tijuca to check me in! Off to a good start! GO USA!!!   (Facebook Post with 30 pics, Andy Reistetter, 8-2-16, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

Nice day driving over from NJ, connecting with my sis, ditching Flame (Torch’s replacement), taking LIRR to Air Shuttle to JFK… seems too easy… very grateful that all has come together to go see Olympic Golf in Rio! TROML Baby!   (Facebook Post with 13 pics, Andy Reistetter, 8-1-16, JFK, New York, New York)

1TROML Baby! Found a room for the first 5 nights! Only 4 km to the, Olympic Golf Course! Arrive tomorrow 8:45 am Rio GIG, get SIM card for my cell phone at the airport, pick up Olympic Golf tickets in Botafogo, head out to Barra de Tijuca… would be a really good first day in Rio! These are my signs in Portuguese to amuse people & help me along the way on this, the REAL Journey to Olympic Golf!   (Facebook Post with 1 pic, Andy Reistetter, 8-1-16)

This was an awesome show! Brought me back to when I visited the Olympic Golf Course three years ago… and made me realize that my Olympic Golf experience will be all about the golf course itself, the game of golf itself and the 60 men and women from around the world that will come to compete to be the Olympic Golf Gold Medalist… as in life it is all about the people who show up and are present in your life, ourselves included, and not the people and their issues that choose not to be present… the Olympic Spirit of Golf is emerging from within… TROML Baby! Rio here I come!   (Facebook Post, Andy Reistetter, 8-1-16)

2Have to find a TV with Golf Channel Sunday night at 9 pm… Countdown to Rio Follows Seven-Year Journey of Golf’s Return to the Olympics from: Golf Being Voted Back in as Olympic Sport in 2009; Initial Course Architect Pitches; & Building of the Course Venue… love the Golf Channel… love Olympic Golf!!!   (Facebook Post, Andy Reistetter, 7-30-16)