Day 8: Three-Wave Meditation & Grocery Shopping at Carrefour…

CLICK HERE for the SUNNY ‘Three-Wave’ Meditation… Watch it until THE END!!!

A bit overcast & rainy today, first start of a day without sun in the first week in Rio.. new relaxation process… find a quiet & safe place… three deep breaths… feel the pulse of three heartbeats… watch three waves come in… be thankful to be alive… go have the best day of your life TODAY, not yesterday or tomorrow… though yesterday was beautiful because you & your spirit were with me. . today is Rocinha Fevela.. tomorrow is Olympic Golf… TROML Baby!!!   (Facebook Post with 1 video, Andy Reistetter, 8-10-16)

CLICK HERE for the OVERCAST ‘Three-Wave’ Meditation… Watch it until THE END!!!

Did some grocery shopping last night at Carrefour sort of a cross between a Publix and Wal-Mart… here’s a look at some familar and some not so familar looking items… and their pricing… remember the current exchange rate is about 3 Brazil Reais for every 1 US dollar.. Haagen-Daas is so cheap here! Right! Do you see any surprises?   (Facebook Post with 30 pics, Andy Reistetter, 8-10-16)