Drive Dye Designs in Central America!

This might be the ultimate golf trail! I know I am on the ultimate golf trip- the “Journey to Olympic Golf.”

Drive Dye Designs in Central America!

I did. Well I flew to Roatan like everyone else as Torch is not a swimmer. Give me credit though I started driving in Florida. If you can’t drive like me, well then, put a peg in the ground, place a golf ball atop it, choose a weapon of choice and have a go at it and drive Dye Designs in Central America how ever you want!

Here is the order I took them in:

CLICK here to visit Top Tee Cayala in Guatemala City.

CLICK here to visit La Reunion in Antigua, Guartemala.

CLICK here to visit El Encanto in San Salvador, El Salvador.

CLICK here to visit Black Pearl at Pristine Bay Resort on Roatan, Honduras.

If you want to meet the transforming mastermind behind these charming gems…

CLICK here for Video Interview with Perry Dye (3 parts).

More videos, pictures, & posts coming… what would you like me to write about?







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