Day 29: Home Safely in the USA after an Amazing Month in Rio de Janeiro!

30Home safely in the USA with a heart full of gratitude for an amazing month-long visit to Rio de Janeiro for the 2016 Summer Olympics! Some many people helped me along the way including Americans, Cariocas and folks from around the world! In no particular order… thanks to my sis Joanne, Gil, Beto, Pam & Frank, Fatima, Daniel, Pastor Jay & the Union Church Community, Nora & Sebastian, Merri, Regina, Marinalva, Kyle, Edhyr & Johanne, Bernadette, Delia & Eugenio, Jody, Renata, Fabiano, Stuart, Bill, Marie, & Elaine… sure I have missed someone dear to the success of the Journey to The Spirit of Olympic Golf… all my Facebook friends who came along for this wonderful ride and all their comments, interaction & best wishes… many more Cariocas who shared their unique zest for life… those wonderful Olympic volunteers who helped me find my way around the great city of Rio. Congratulations to Justin Rose & Imbee Park, Olympic Golf Gold Medalist, Champion Golfer of the World for the next Four Years!… Thanks to all for helping me find that special Olympic Golf Spirit! TROML Baby!   (Facebook post with 30 pics, Andy Reistetter, 8-31-16 from JFK, New York, New York)