Inaugural “TV Golf Watching with Andy’s Golf & Travel Diary” a Success!

_GolfwatchingThe inaugural “TV Golf Watching with Andy’s Golf & Travel Diary” was a success! Thank you to all who called in and contributed! Golf on TV is definitely more fun watching with friends no matter where they are around the world!

WOW, did Dustin Johnson make a statement today or what! Dunks one for eagle on the home hole and wins by 6 strokes! Congratulations! I have never been to the FedEx St. Jude Classic but did make it to Memphis, Graceland, Beale Street, & BB King’s way back in 2010! What a tour of Graceland! What a year 2010 was for Andy’s Golf & Travel Diary!

2010 Season: Memphis; Visiting Elvis at Graceland & Beale Street too!

To capture the fun, camaraderie, and entertaining inaugural “TV Golf Watching with Andy’s Golf & Travel Diary” here is the corresponding Facebook log:

FB Post 1Watching the FedEx St. Jude… join me via a free conference call. Let’s talk golf while enjoying the broadcast! Message me for the Dial In number & Access Code

Andy Reistetter Jason Salinas, thanks for your like! r u a golfer? Could use a Texan perspective!

Jason Salinas Used to be an avid golfer and now I just watch mostly.

Andy Reistetter Oops just lost somebody, please call back!

Kay DeMott Johnson still up

Andy Reistetter Great update Kay DeMott! Call in so we can enjoy more!

Andy Reistetter This is fun! For the record Pedro Luis Amengual-Gutierrez was the first to connect! Puerto Rico’s finest golf ambassador!

Andy Reistetter If Byron Bos Man were to call in we would have to start charging a fee! How about a freebie for 10 minutes of your time Bos Man?

Andy Reistetter Byron Bos did you get my text?

Dr. Cary Middlecopp Golf Doctor 1950Byron Bos Andy Reistetter yes I did. Tied up with some other stuff currently. You doing that for US OPEN? I’m in for that

Andy Reistetter Byron Bos YES, let’s do that!! LMK if you got text, current number?

Byron Bos I got the text yep

Andy Reistetter OMG, going ALL the way back to the California 4 some in the early 1980s! We thought Glenn was headed to the tour until that disastrous first hole at Industry Hills on the Eisenhower Course! LOL

California’s CordeValle, the Perfect Weekend Getaway

Andy Reistetter OMG No, Jim Butz passed on??? Say it aint so! Great guy.

Andy Reistetter Dottie Pepper looks great in that Katherine Deen Way attire! Katherine we are doing 30-second promo if you want to call in!

Andy Reistetter We took a poll… it’s okay if Cink comes back & beats DJ… we are all over that Turnberry thing!

Reminiscing about Tom Watson & the 2009 Turnberry Open…

Marlo_Thomas_-_1968Andy Reistetter Would love to see a feature on ‘That Girl!’ 80 years young!

Marlo Thomas on Wikipedia

Andy Reistetter DJ, 3-stroke lead with 3 holes to go! Betting DJ closes this one…

Andy Reistetter DJ was one shot off the lead in the final round of the 2011 British Open at Royal St. George’s when he blew a 2-iron out-of-bounds on a reachable par-5…. remember that???

Andy Reistetter Makes birdie… has come a long, long, long way in 7 years!!!


Andy Reistetter “A man that doesn’t look at another woman is pretty much a dead man.”- Lady on the call today… Okay, back to the golf! LOL! What fun!

_1 Andy w Al Geiberger 4-4-11Andy Reistetter Looks like I am dead either way! LOL

Andy Reistetter This is getting weird!!!

Andy Reistetter Al Geiberger, the original ‘Mr. 59. So how many have followed in his footprints on the PGA TOUR???

Andy Reistetter WOW, now that is a way to finish! DJ dunks one for eagle on the home hole! Understandably the winner graphic was a bit late! LOL

Andy Reistetter Love that Dash-Jason Day Father’s Day commercial!

Barbara Helfer Great way to spend the afternoon talking golf, friendship, and life with friends! Thanks for hosting the first golf call! Lisa it was great connecting with you!

160615-jason-dash-day-commercialAndy Reistetter Right on Barbara Helfer! Thank you for joining in on the fun time! You & Lisa Bennett-Fish carried the show! Dustin who? Hope that you can join in for next weekend’s US Open! ‘TV Golf Watching with Andy’s Golf & Travel Diary!’ I think we are on to something new & exciting!

Lisa Bennett-Fish I agree, it was a splendid spiritual pleasure watching St. Jude’s tournament and enjoying rich conversation! Barbra Helfer, it was a pleasure to meet you and once again as always…a blessed visit with you Mr. Andy Reistetter!…Thank you for the invite and look forward to some more SPLENDID telecasting!

That’s all folks!

Call-in next weekend for more ‘TV Golf Watching with Andy’s Golf & Travel Diary’ at Shinnecock Hills and the U.S. Open!