Day 0: Golf Journey to Australia Begins October 29th!!!

It’s a GO decision for the ‘Golf Journey to Australia.’

Golf Journey to Australia begins October 29th!

Golf Journey to Australia begins October 29th! I will be golfing with the kangaroos soon!

Ticket purchased—leave USA on Wednesday, October 29th, arrive Sydney, Australia Thursday evening October 30th!

Hmmm… one night layover in Honolulu, Hawaii, arriving 4:15 pm Wednesday, leave 11:40 am Thursday—time to visit a golf resort and play 18? Maybe 36? Do a feature article for Andy’s Golf & Travel Diary? Can always sleep on the airplane, right? (-:

Tentative Schedule in Australia:

Basically the Sidney, south to Melbourne, north to Brisbane east coast of Australia traveling around four golf tournaments on the Australiasia PGA TOUR for a month, then heading to New Zealand.

Thursday, October 30th thru Monday, November 17th: Sydney area including Newcastle and Shoal Bay to the north.

Attend NSW Open in Sydney Nov. 11th thru the 16th

Tuesday, November 18th thru Thursday, November 27th: Melbourne area including visiting Tasmania

Attend Australian Masters in Melbourne

Friday, November 28th thru Monday, December 8th: Sydney area

Attend Emigrates Australian Open in Sydney (weekend Nov. 29th & 30th)

Attend NSW PGA Championship in Sydney

Tuesday, December 9th thru Tuesday, December 16th: Brisbane/Gold Coast area

Attend Australian PGA Championship in Brisbane

Head over to New Zealand, tentatively plan to return to America from Sydney on January 14th.

Here we go! Off on a “Golf Journey to Australia & New Zealand,” leaving next Wednesday, October 29th and likely returning mid-January. So please tell me your ‘Down Under’ stories! So excited! Focusing on the Sydney/Melbourne/Brisbane area. Plan to rent a car and rent rooms along the way. Tentative schedule and golf plans in link below. Know anybody in Sydney that would like to rent me a room for a few days late next week? (-:   (Facebook Link, Andy Reistetter, 10/21/14)…/ Golf Journey to Australia Update- I will be on my way this time next week. Tentative schedule in place, making contacts (first priority next Wednesday night in Honolulu layover), coming together- Rental Car & Room to Rent first week in Sydney is TOP PRIORITY… find a bed, find a golf course, peg in ground, be present, slow & steady backswing… life is so simple! LOL (-:   (Facebook Link, Andy Reistetter, 10/22/14)

Any Aussie Sydney FB friends out there? I am looking to rent a room for the first week of the ‘Golf Journey to Australia’ in Sydney starting next Thursday, October 30th. Please share with anybody you know that lives in or near Sydney. Here is my advertisement! Much appreciated! Thank you! Andy (-: Room needed- Arriving Sydney, Australia on Wednesday, 10/30/14 and Leaving Thursday, 11/6/14 (1 Week)

G’day Mate, my name is Andy and I am a traveling freelance golf writer in the US since February 2008. I volunteer at golf tournaments and work part time as a golf broadcast assistant. I am coming to Australia to follow the PGA TOUR of Australia in Sydney, Melbourne and near Brisbane. I will have a car and am looking for an inexpensive place to stay in or near Sydney for the first week of my visit. If you would like to meet a nice person in the golf business and provide me a place to stay I would be really appreciative. I do not smoke. I literally need a spot to sleep (will buy air mattress if needed) and the use of a shower and bathroom. Since I will be out and about most of the time I will spend little time other than sleeping at your home (a phantom guest for Halloween). I am arriving late in the evening Wednesday 10/30/14 and plan to leave Wednesday 11/6/14 (one week). I am willing to pay a reasonable amount but am looking for someone who is interested in more than the money and who would find a connection to golf interesting. Thanks for your consideration of helping me out. Cheers, Andy (PS- I will provide more information and references if you are interested in hosting me).…/

(Facebook Link, Andy Reistetter, 10/24/14)

I am on so many room rental sites that I am getting confused- VRBO, Airbnb, Craig’s List, Gumtree, Easy Roommate (easy to find?) but some good responses so far.. know I am only 9,361 miles and 5 nights from my bed in Sydney… maybe in the back seat of my rental car… LOL (-:   (Facebook Post, Andy Reistetter, 10/25/14)

Thanks everyone for your input! I leave for Sydney, Australia (& New Zealand) tomorrow Wednesday morning- have room, rental car, SIM chip for phone and some great golf leads to begin with. Please keep them coming, much appreciated! (-:   (Facebook Post, Andy Reistetter, 10/28/14)