JTOG Day 81: Brazil Visa in Hand, Heading to Uruguay!

1Brazil visa in hand, now planning to make Uruguay the 15th country visited on the "Journey to Olympic Golf," then visit Cordoba before heading to Rio de Janeiro on the 7th! I could not have asked (definitely I could not have planned) to have things work out the way they have on this odyssey! Thinking my Portuguese is better than my Spanish but that is like thinking my golf game is better than Frosty's aka Jeffrey Rothstein... neither of us is going to win The Masters and I am not going to be able to speak the native tongue in Rio... have a TROML day! I am taking a bus to play the public muni golf course in Buenos Aires which I think is very significant and symbolic for the "Journey to Olympic Golf"!!! (-: ps "Don't Cry for Me United States," I think the two stiffs I had lunch with at La Bieba's have something to do with auto racing but Bill Hughes would know that! (-:   (Facebook Post 4 Pics, Andy Reistetter, 12/30/13)