JTOG Day 52: What to Do With Torch???

BIG decision time and I am asking for your help so that all considerations are taken into account and the best decision at the appointed hour is made! I think Panama City is a decision point on Torch! She is in need of repair- rear shock absorbers for sure. I plan to drive all day tomorrow Monday to Panama City as she has a doctor’s appointment at the Infiniti dealer there at 8 am Tuesday. We need to get a complete assessment of her health and ability to make the remainder of the trip to Rio de Janeiro. We both want her to make it all the way… but there has to be a reasonable and safe chance of success. Please share your opinion, expert testimony and/or professional advice! Everything you share will be taken into account! Thank you!   (Facebook Post 5 Pics, Andy Reistetter, 12/1/13)