JTOG Day 59: Saying Good Bye to Torch in Panama City, Panama

2Torch and I had a fun last day together. She is such a beauty and so much fun! We always said if one of us found a special shot and wanted to stay that would be okay and the other would finish the journey to Rio… I guess that would be me! Burn brightly in Panama Torch! (-:   (Facebook Post 6 Pics, Andy Reistetter, 12/8/13)

Here is the update from Costa Rica… now I have to figure out how to do one without Torch…   (Facebook Link, Andy Reistetter, 12/8/13)

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I fly to Cartagena, Colombia in the morning to visit Karibana, a resort on the Caribbean Sea… thinking I am going to like South America too! More than half way now, see you at the PGA Show in Orlando!   (Facebook Link, Andy Reistetter, 12/8/13)