JTOG Day 74: Turistik Tour of Santiago, Chile

1Here is what the last month of the “Journey to Olympic Golf” looks like… of course it goes on until the 2016 Summer Olympic Games in Rio… I am looking to arrange golf, lodging and interviews with golfers and Olympians at each stop… please let me know your ideas… thanks! I hope you are excited about the New Year too! Buenos Aires, Argentina (IN Thurs Dec. 26, OUT Thurs Jan 2); Cordoba, Argentina (IN Thurs Jan 2, OUT Mon Jan 6); Buenos Aires, Argentina (IN Mon Jan 6, OUT Tues Jan 7); Rio de Janeiro (IN Tues Jan 7, OUT Fri Jan 17); & Orlando, Florida (IN Fri Jan 17, OUT Sat Jan 25)   (Facebook Post 3 Pics, Andy Reistetter, 12/23/13)

In Santiago, Chile, Turistik Tour today, play Club de Golf de Los Leones on Tuesday and Merry Christmas to all on Wednesday! Buenos Aires, Argentina on Thursday with Brazil VISA appointment at Noon.. please remember The First Tee in your holiday giving if you can… thanks, Andy   (Facebook Link, Andy Reistetter, 12/23/13)

I am an American flying from Santiago to Buenos Aires, Argentina on Thurs Dec. 26 on Sky Airline. Other than my ticket, boarding pass and passport what will I need? I do not have a ticket out of Argentina. I plan to fly to Rio de Janeiro on Tues Jan 7th and buy the ticket once I get my Brazil VISA in Buenos Aires (have appointment there on Dec. 26th). Please let me know- thanks!   (Facebook Post, Andy Reistetter, 12/23/13)