JTOG Day 37: Checking Out of La Reunion Golf Resort & Residences

Checking out of of a very special place called La Reunión Golf Resort & Residences, Antigua Guatemala where I was reunited with a lot of good things in life for sure- friendship, laughter and my own spirit. Heading to El Salvador La Hachadura border, then to San Salvador to meet Perry Dye and see El Encanto. Wish me good luck and say a prayer I only get lost 1 or 2 times (like Trevino picking up someone else’s golf ball, great way to make new friends!)… still need that Garmin expert, r u out there? (-:   (Facebook Post Link, Andy Reistetter, 11/16/13)

La Reunion Golf Resort & Residences (Antigua, Guatemala)

Quite a day yesterday at La Reunión Golf Resort & Residences, Antigua Guatemala… played with Mario Navvaro, the pro and shot 77, best round ever on a Perry & Pete Dye Designed course! Stayed in the moment with three volcanoes! Up early and heading into Antigua this morning. Have to come back to see if Ecuador or Guatemala wins…   (Facebook Post Link, Andy Reistetter, 11/15/13)

Is their a Garmin (or Windows 8) expert out there? Torch and I keep getting lost and at this rate may never make it to Rio. See link below. I have not been able to load the Central America and Caribe OSM Base Map (File to install on gps/navigator device) on my Nuvi 1200. I don’t have the option to open it with MapInstall and when I just oprn it I get “File could not mount” and “The disc image file is corrupt.” Is it just me or doesd it mean there is no such thing as a free Garmin map? Thanks Chris Hatchett! (-:    (Facebook Post, Andy Reistetter, 11/14/13)

Something about driving up a mountain road at night, seeing the conical silhouette of a volcano with a ribbon of its bright fiery red lava oozing down the slope… puts one in touch with their spirit of life and the tragedy and tranquility of nature all at once… definitely a TROML moment! Torch and I are happy to be safe and here in a very special place in this world of ours…     (Facebook Link, Andy Reistetter, 11/14/13)