JTOG Day 84: Having Lunch in Buenos Aires & Making New Friends!

_ Andy Reistetter w Zulmira Simoes Lunch in Buenos Aires 1-2-14My new Canadian/Argentina/Portugal friends I met at “the office” yesterday afternoon in Buenos Aires! The waiter set up a table for me near the only electrical plug (unplugged the Christmas tree) and I couldn’t help but intrude on their lunch with them sharing their dessert with me. (-:   (Facebook Share of Zulmira Simoes’ Photo, Andy Reistetter, 1/3/14)

Almorzando con el famoso comentarista de Golf Andy Reistetter en Bs.As.,Having lunch with Andy Reistetter, freelance Golf writer in Buenos Aires !

Having lunch with the famous golf commentator Andy Reistetter in bs. Ace., Having lunch with Andy Reistetter Golf, freelance writer in Buenos Aires!

Something was lost in the translation! I am freelance but certainly not famous, maybe a little unusual, especially in Buenos Aires, Argentina! (-: