JTOG Day 9: Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts Dallas at Las Colinas

Woke up at the Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts Dallas at Las Colinas to this view! Here is my latest blog update including the highs and the low point so far. Playing TPC Fourseasons Resort Course this afternoon…   (Facebook Link, Andy Reistetter, 10/19/13)

BLOG Update- Saturday, 10/19/13 Dallas, Texas

Saturday Morning, October 19th, 11:38 am Woke up at the Four Seasons Resort & Club Dallas at Las Colinas!

The Five Diamond Award of the Four Seasons Resort & Club Dallas.

Every day has been a good day on this “Journey to Olympic Golf” but today will be extra special. I am playing the Four Seasons Resort Course which has hosted the Byron Nelson Championship for the last 31 years. This place is amazing and there is no question what “Five Diamonds” mean in terms of comfort, service and “being home away from home.”

After the sendoff at TPC Sawgrass, Atlanta and St. Louis I did not think this Odyssey could get any better but it did. Staying with and visiting with Jack Fleck and his wife Carmen was a memorable life experience. As much for the golf but just to be around two lovebirds late in life really inspired me as to how much being in a loving relationship can mean in one’s life. I will have much to share on what Mr. Fleck shared with me in later writing and video interviews.

Andy Reistetter with U.S. Open Champion Jack Fleck and Head Golf Professional Jeremy Moe at Hardscrabble CC in Fort Smith, Arkansas.

Jack too me out to Hardscrabble CC on Thursday morning and I met another great guy- Head Golf Professional Jeremy Moe. I have a great video of him and Jack and an interesting thing about Moe is that he plays hickory clubs and recently won the National Hickory Open. The highlight of the day and trip so far was presenting a replica 1904 Olympic Golf Gold Medal (which I received from the folks at Glen Echo CC) to Mr. Fleck. It seemed fitting to me that a man who won the U.S. Open at a club named Olympic and did not have the opportunity to play golf in the Olympics really deserved to have that medal, if only with some recognition from me.

Do not speed through McCurtain, Arkansas... they are waiting... you will get a ticket!

No question about it though I experienced the lowest point of the now week old journey Thursday afternoon driving from Fort Smith, AK to Dallas, TX unfortunately through Oklahoma. I was distracted talking to a friend on the cell phone (hands-free by the way) and  was speeding through a little town called McCurtain, OK and deservedly so was pulled over and received a ticket. I drove about 50 feet and paid the $129 fine at the “Municipal Building.” Then, safely I pulled over to do a phone interview with a Jacksonville Times-Union reporter but when I restarted my journey the GPS told me to go onto the Indian National Turnpike. I went 30 miles in the wrong direction with no exits. I was tempted to do a U-turn but did not want to get another ticket!

I am late for my tee time, have to run!