JTOG Day 90: Arrive Rio De Janeiro, Brazil; Walking Ipanema Beach!

_Andy Ipanema Beach Day 90 1-8-14Day No. 90. Made it to Rio,the final stop on the "Journey to Olympic Golf!" Any of my FB friends live here or know somebody here. I have one week to explore! Enjoyed a walk on Ipanema Beach last night   (Facebook Post 1 Pic, Andy Reistetter, 1/9/14) The "Journey to Olympic Golf" is heading north to Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil on Tuesday, the 7th of January... where will I stay?... where will I play golf?... and what tourist activities will I participate in?... those are the questions on my mind... any answers in your mind? (-:   (Andy Reistetter, Facebook Post with one link;  1-4-14)