JTOG Day 93: Meeting Beto Chiclete, Brazil’s First Tee Guy!

_Andy leaving donated golf equipment with Beto ChicleteI met Beto Chiclete by destiny yesterday… I had heard of a “First Tee-like” junior golf initiative in Japeri and wanted to visit there, do a feature and donate my golf bag, clubs,e tc. before leaving Brazil… looked it up on the map and learned it was 90 km away, way to far to navigate and fit in this trip… so I go to Gavea Golf Club to play golf and who is my caddie? Amazingly small and connected world even when one is far from home! Beto is one of the great good guys in the world of golf and the world beyond!!! (-:

Andy Reistetter, was a great pleasure to be his caddie at the Gavea Golf Club, this video shows my work with the golf with children, started in Japeri now I’m in Nova Iguaçu giving opportunity to the needy children of the Baixada Fluminense in learning golf. thanks and a hug Beto Gum. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yxr6hOibSd0 (Translated by Bing)   (Facebook Link, Andy Reistetter, 1/12/14)

Beto Chiclete’s Golf Project Outside Rio de Janeiro, Brazil