Looking for 100 New Friends in 100 Days…

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Our journey in life is just that a living odyssey that changes from year-to-year, or even sometimes day-to-day. I am on a quest to raise $100,000 for The First Tee because I believe The First Tee organization best represents what the game of golf has meant to me and given to me in my life.

My older brother L.P. gave me the Ben Hogan’s Five Lessons book when I was 12 years old and inscribe it as follows: “Golf is a lot like life, the more you learn and understand about it, the easier it is to meet its challenge.” From that day on golf and life was different for me. Not only did I learn how to play golf better from reading that book, I learned that life is all about inspiration and doing your best no matter what.

I am looking for 100 new friends in the next 100 days to make a $100 donation (or any amount that you are able to make) to The First Tee. Each day I will be reliving the original “Journey to Olympic Golf” and hope to find a new friend in golf. Is that you? Please join me in giving back to the game we all love.

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Please select ‘Andy Reistetter’s Journey to Olympic Golf’ on the drop-down menu for the question ‘What inspired you to make a gift today? This is for tracking purposes only, Andy does not receive any part of your donation or anything financially from The First Tee organization.

PLEASE click here to make a donation to The First Tee.

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