Paula Caray, Going to Panama City to Win the Series!

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Andy Reistetter with Paula Caray, Panama City, Panama.

Andy Reistetter with Paula Caray, Panama City, Panama.

I first saw Paula Caray sitting at a window seat having breakfast at the Courtyard Panama at Multiplaza Mall in Panama City, Panama. Something drew me to her so I said good morning, introduced myself and asked if I could join her for breakfast. Only a few minutes into our conversation I knew she had a story to tell. An inspirational story, not many people know the details about. How many people, maybe I am alone in this, know someone intimately involved with utilizing stem cells to improve their health? I want to know more about this potential futuristic cure. You might recognize the name if you are a baseball fanatic. A Cubs fan knows the name Harry Caray and a Braves fan knows the name Skip Caray. Now you will know the name Paula Caray and her struggle with throat cancer, thyroid issues and arthritis. She is taking the initiative with stem cell treatments in Panama City, Panama. Let's hope the healing takes place, the pioneer becomes the settler, and Paula and her beloved Braves go all the way to another World Series and beyond in 2014!    

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