Shooting Stars Past the Road to Hana

CLICK here for VIDEO interview with Carlien Jeanne and brothers Gabriel and Elion Wolfchild.

CLICK here for VIDEO for We are All Just Shooting Stars by the White River Wolves.

CLICK here for VIDEO of Carlien signing I am Leaving You and Everything Behind.

Gabriel, Carlien & Elion- the Maui Band past Hana!

Gabriel, Carlien & Elion- the Maui Band past Hana!

Everyone who goes to Maui wants to take the Road to Hana for its spectacular scenery and dicey driving along the nooks and crannies of the West Maui Mountains. But what is past Hana? A roadside van with big lettering “Thai Food AE’s Thai Kitchen” and some good Thai food. Not only that but with the right timing you will find a talented local band formed by the beautiful Carlien Jeanne from Amsterdam and two Woldchild brothersthe writer-poet Gabriel and the roaring Elion. Listen to the interview with these certain shooting stars, hear some of their music and contemplate  the new spiritually enlightening movement of “Ascension” bringing awareness and consciousness throughout the world. Meeting them on New Year’s Eve I often wonder what life would have been like had their offer to join them and participate in a Midnight Celebration was accepted.

More links:

Garbiel’s page on Facebook. 

Gabriels’s Reverbnation website with more music (and better recording!)

Carlien’s website (sorry about truncating the song!)

More pictures below…

Hungry, deserted road, wouldn't you stop for Thai Food Today?

Hungry, deserted road, wouldn’t you stop for Thai Food Today?

Carlien Jeanne performing...

Carlien Jeanne performing…



The band and their entourage!

The band and their entourage!





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