Furyk’s Point Wins the 2008 Ryder Cup for the USA at Valhalla Golf Club!!!

Fond memories of my first year out on tour and being there spotting for NBC Sports at the 2008 Ryder Cup at Valhalla Golf Club in Kentucky with my good friend Sir Walter Eckhart! Incredible week of golf resulting in a USA Win! Great honor to meet President Bush No. 14 and Michael Jordan on the secluded par-3 14th tee. I thanked the President for his service to our country and that of his son President Bush No. 43 too! I jokingly thanked Michael Jordan for putting my son through college as he was a caddie at the Merit Club in Chicago where Jordan was a regular playing member and a big tipper. He joked back that he (Jordan) must have made a lot of birdies. I responded that he should have since he played 54 holes a day! We both laughed.

Watching Miguel Angel Jimenez miss a putt on the 17th green and Jim Furyk winning the decisive point for a USA victory was an amazing lifetime experience. Now you know why, nine seasons later, I love every minute of being out on the PGA TOUR!

CLICK here for Video of Jim Furyk Winning the 2008 Ryder Cup for the USA!

Jimenez misses, Furyk wins decisive point for USA victory in the 2008 Ryder Cup at Vahalla. That my buddy Sir Walter & “Sticks” Bill Price on the right, Dottie Pepper in the middle and sorry but I don’t know the girl’s name on the left! (Facebook Post, Andy Reistetter, 9/21/08 with video and link to this article).